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    Ok, I am a terrible person who needs to keep their promises, that said, I believe I actually have some chapters for Dragonfall that I haven't uploaded, and I'm working on a new story that's a collaboration with a friend of mine. More details to come on that. I just need to do some research into the area the region is going to be based upon and finish making the 100! new Pokemon for said region.


    So... I know I haven't posted anything in over ten months, and I haven't even been working on any stories, either. I'm going to try to get back into writing my stories, but I don't know when the next chapter of Dragonfall or Adventures of Daelin, Leila, and Gina will be. Again, I am sorry to everyone who has been waiting patiently.


    ...I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sorry for the unintentional mislead. I started a new job on the tenth, and I've been really busy working.


    Sorry I haven't been posting anything, I have been working on Dragonfall, however. I have also been busy with a whole lot of other things including planning for a birthday party that's going to be on Saturday. Therefore, don't worry your pretty little heads, a new chapter should be up sometime next week.


    It has come to my attention that some people are wondering why I'm not posting anymore chapters for the Adventures of Daelin, Leila, and Gina. There are a couple reasons for that, the main ones being that I REALLY bit off more than I could chew, was totally not ready for such a big story, and that I wasn't getting very many views and only 2 reviews despite the fact that I asked for reviews af the end of each chapter. If those reasons are not satisfactory, I apologize, but I do plan on reviving the story by the end of the year, at the latest.


    I apoligize for not posting Chapter 2 of Dragonfall, yet, but something happened to my comp and I'm trying to recover the original Word Doc I use for spell and grammar check. I'll get Chapter 2 up asap, but it could take a while.


    I'm going to upload Chapter 1 of Dragonfall tomorrow night under either Alternate Universe or General in the Pokémon section. I hope everyone enjoys it. I'll probably upload Chapter 2 in a couple days, even though it's already written.


    Ok, so getting Dragonfall up and running is taking longer than originally planned... I'm waiting for the person that I'm writing it for to get back to me... Frankly, I'm getting worried about her, haven't heard anything since Friday.


    Ok, so this is my first post of the New Year, oh joy. I'm not going to be posting any more chapters of The Adventures of Daelin, Leila, and Gina until I get more reviews and ratings on it. That said, I've started writing another story that I'll probably start posting within the next week, it's going to be called Dragonfall and it's being done in first person narrative, at least for most of it...


    MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL YOU CHRISTIANS OUT THERE!!! Ok, so this week I've posted chapters 5 through 7 for The Adventures of Daelin, Leila, and Gina. I hope everyone will forgive my mistake where I spelled Santa Claus wrong.


    Ok, sorry I haven't posted anything since the 16th, I've been sick, though I did think of how I'm going to end The Adventures of Daelin, Leila, and Gina. Yeah, I got sick enough that I hallucinated the last chapter... I really hope no one sees it coming, though, lol.


    I guess I'll start doing updates on my bio every three days or so... already started, unintentionally, lol. The Adventures of Daelin, Leila, and Gina is going well, and I am going to start posting new chapters less frequently, will give me more time to consider the details of each new chapter.


    I have noticed that with only three chapters, I already have almost 350 hits... That's way better than I thought it would be doing.


    I am new to writing stories, but I have written many poems. I will be posting my first story, The Adventures of Daelin, Leila, and Gina, soon.

    I've been reading stories off of here for just under a year now, and in this last week I have realized that I would like to try my hand in writing, also. So bare with me while I pop my proverbial "cherry".

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