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    Hey there. Welcome to my page.
    I go by lots of different names online, but in more recent years I have started responding to "Shadow" or "Dranzer", both of which are halves of names I go by.

    I usually write things under the category "Original" due to my habit of adding my friends into stories and even using the town I live in as a setting. Either that, or I do something random and write when I'm on vacation. I like reading fanfiction almost as much as I love writing it. Since I doubt anyone will ever be interested in hearing the story of my life, then I say we go straight ahead and go for the more erotical details.

    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Sexual orientation: Bisexual
    Education? Nah... No one cares about that.

    Let's see... What to put after that thing above... I guess, some information about what I usually like writing? Or just other small tidbits? I go with tidbits.

    I'm your average gamer. Read some manga here and there. Watch a lot of anime. Etc.
    Favorite games: Dark Souls II. Destiny. Halo 3. The Witcher 2.

    Favorite anime? I don't know... They're all soooo good.... I guess anything with that lovely combination of swordsmanship and magic, or something like that. Really overpowered main characters. And something with ball handling. So, sports animes and fantasy stuff.

    Plans for the future? Hm... I haven't really thought about that.
    Interests and hobbies? Well, writing my own original and very sexual stories is one such thing. Watching a friend of mine draw is another. 7

    So, let's get back to what most people are here for. The sex. The violence. The brutality. And possibly some kind of twisted romance.

    Anyway. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer, and if so, then it would be very helpful for me if you were to throw a review my way. Thanks in advance and I hope my work may make someone smile.


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