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    Not much to say just yet. Discovered Yugioh Abridged, rediscovered my love for Yugioh, obession led to FanFiction.net, led to yoai led to- well this. A friend introduced me to the site, now I cant control myself. Decided to start writing my own fics for fun and to try doing something I never have before. I've done original stuff but never FanFics so I feel entirely insecure with how true I'm staying to the character's personality.

    Feel free to message me with any story ideas, comments of any type, or criticisms over favoured/unfavourable plot elements. "Into the Desolate Night" is my first attempted fanfic (YuGiOh) and I have most general plot points already planned out; its merely a matter of constructing the middle ground so I will update as I figure that out. If you have suggestions please toss them my way and I will consider them. So yeah... welcome to the world of my mind where any amount of silly, wierd things can, may, might and will happen.

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