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    Hello My Lovely Readers,
    I'm Lady of Spades. So many amazing works other authors have on this site. I thought I try writing a harry potter fanfiction. This is my first time using an online media. I usually like pen and pencil with a bit of paper. I know how OLD School of me. But there it is. So be genital while I leap into the age of data overload. This is also my first attempt at writing more the a single short story or poems. So many poems maybe I will post some at a later date.
    You may notice word switches and the occasional misspelled word. I like using them from time to time. Spelling and grammar nazis from the past developed this quirk. I will try not to riot too much. Many of my favorite poets hated spell nazis. It limits a language but it helps it as well like a sailor that swears too much.
    The Bane Stories I am posting are brutal and violent. They are about a rapist serial killer after all fashioned out of the profiles of:
    Dennis Rader aka  BTK, Ted Bundy, Fred Walter Stephen West and West's lovely assistant to name a few.  If any of you have a love for the criminal mind
    please feel free to post suggestions. Also dedicate your post to your favorite criminal even a fictional one. I love the Joker my self.
    I am glad to be included as an author in this site. I hope You will review and I will be one of your many frequent stops here at  .

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