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    My name is Miralith. I'm 28 years old and I have a daughter who I cherish more than life. She is my pride and joy and the reason I am alive today. I'm an artist, mainly specializing in Photography.

    A few rules I set for myself

    First thing, I do not beg for reviews to add more chapters to my stories I'm not gonna base my stories on how many people are reading them, otherwise, nothing would ever get done!

    Second, I don't care if you leave a correction comment about my story, actually I accept them with open arms! If someone corrects me it just means that I messed up, and that there is something I need to change!

    Third, If you don't like the story, please don't leave nasty comments about it! Its as simple as closing out the story and not reading it!

    Last, I wont start more than one story at a time! That way I can have my full attention on that one particular story!

    The story I am writing...

    1. Hand-Me Down - Start Date - July 31st 2016


    I am a writer on other sites! My Pen names are:

    Fanfiction: Miralith
    Fictionpress: Miralith
    Dokuga: Sammi


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