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    You know, honestly, I thought I'm smarter than most people on the sites I post 'my' works on. Being who I am, I thought that because I can get away with posting things I didn't write on other sites with no one the wiser, so it stood to reason that I was certain I could come over here and do the same thing. I got away with it elsewhere, didn't I? So, I could here as well.


    You see, like so many others in this world, I found out that I have no real talent when it comes to writing stuff for myself. Though I was sad about that, I decided I couldn't live without the asspats authors get. My ego had to have those! Rather than try to work on developing the skills and becoming a semi-decent writer, something that takes real work and effort, I decided to go lift works from a smaller archive. It's an old one that doesn't get much traffic anymore so most people have never even heard of it. The stories I found were great so I took them, converted the original works into fanfiction and posted them. There were asspats galore! I loved it! My ego was fed. However, there was a problem...


    Unlike so many places on the web where they either don't look for such things or just plain don't care, AFF is slightly different. Not only did someone recognize 'my' work from elsewhere, they reported me! Unlike elsewhere, the mods and admins took it seriously. That means I get labeled the thief that I am for the whole world to see.

    Now, well, I'm relegated to AFF's Hall of Shame for being a sticky fingered lil plagiarist for everyone to see and won't ever be allowed back. You see, I thought I was smart enough I wouldn't get caught or that the site just wouldn't care. I was wrong, on both counts. So, I guess I have to trudge off elsewhere and haunt archives that don't bother with such things as I'm never allowed to come back to AFF because of their zero tolerance policy for plagiarism. That means no asspats for me from here!


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