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    I like to think of myself as a young philosopher - in that I'm very inquisitive and always eager to learn new things. I'm quite laid-back and observant... a bit eccentric sometimes. And I tend to gravitate around things that are unusual as the norm often times bore me. This is why I indulge myself in writing and reading fictional stories/anime. And my favorite kinds of movies are those with fantasy, action-adventure, and science fiction. I like unpredictably.

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    ► ORIGINAL NOVEL: The working title is "Ragnarok: The True Genesis." It's almost done, I just need to edit and consider my method of publishing. I put it on hold to finish the fanfiction. Once it's done, I'll let you guys know.

    ► YOUTUBE & AMAZON: I plan to create cinematic videos on YouTube and publish books - especially short stories - on Amazon Kindle:


    > Amazon Kindle Pen Name: Vaughn R.R Schneider


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    ► ETH Wallet: 0xe34f8B41108374c4060C28AAc04Aa8C505911fAe

    ► Pay_Pal: @businessense

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    Your support means the world to me (^w^)/

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