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    After the staff here at AFF bent over backward and allowed me to return, despite a lengthy history of creating accounts while underaged, review whoring, flaming the site and staff, creating polls in violation of the Terms of Service, and lying to my readers, I still can't seem to manage to play by the rules of the site.


    I'm special, you see.  I am in college now (at last!) and I'm studying history, and I've managed to illustrate one of the key maxims by which historians live:  History repeats itself.  Yes, indeed, I violated the Terms of Service once again, even after I was clearly told that the next infraction would result in a permanent ban.


    Why?  Because I'm special.  I have lots and lots of readers, and they'll clog up the forum with thread after thread begging for my return, and begging for my email address, and the staff will have to let me back.  Won't they?  


    They won't?  My readers will get banned if they flame the site?  They will not be permitted to whine and carry on in the forums for page after page about how unfair this is?  Well, that's no fun!


    I guess I get to serve as an important history lesson for all other members of the site.  If you have a history of disregarding the Terms of Service, you too can someday become another member of the Hall of Shame and live on as a reminder that the rules are applied across the board here. and no one is "special."



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