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    Hello there!

    I'm an impatient little twit.
    Now, I don't want you to misunderstand; I'm not banned for being here underage.

    I'm banned because I decided to read, review, and favorite a story on AFF. Then because the author hadn't updated in about 80 days, I decided I could take it over. Despite the clearly stated Terms of Service:

    You understand that when posting User Submissions, you are stating that any work submitted under your User Account is your own personal work and has not been in any part copied or plagiarized from any source. Furthermore, you understand that you are not to post anyone else's work without the express permission of the original copyright holder unless said work is part of Public Domain.

    Not only did I do this, I then decided to accuse the actual author of plagiarism! That's right, it doesn't matter to me that Assasins_Kiss and Simply Hopeless are the same person, or that the story was posted on the same day on both sites, because I want to post the story under my profile and I want to pretend to be something I'm not, I'm gonna say that they're not the same person. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

    Of course, I also threatened the head mod, because I'm a beta on FFN "of celebrity" (there's no beta profile, and not a single mention of me as a beta in any AN can be found using Google's search engine). I mean, how DARE she delete my profile and stories (which I didn't save to my computer, because as we all know the Internet is a cloud drive and I can keep all my documents there without backups) when I stole someone else's stuff that I favorited and posted it as my own!

    You know who else did this and made it into the Hall of Shame? hysteria101. And you know who else got put in the Hall of Shame for continuing someone else's story without permission? Your-Horror-Whore.

    I'm just like them. A thief. And so, I'm relegated to the Hall of Shame. Not only that, but I've also admitted to illegal activity. The admins don't want me here, and they're sure you authors don't either. But you do, don't you? I mean, I only admitted to stealing files from the database (that couldn't be stolen because they're not there). It's not like you don't want me to just snatch all your stuff from the database, right?

    You don't? You mean, I SHOULD be banned? You mean, you AGREE with the mods and admins and their decision to remove my thieving, lying self from the site? Really?

    Oh, well. I guess I'll just have to go post my stolen stuff over on another site. (I didn't post it to FFN, even though I supposedly had permission from Simply Hopeless - Assassins_Kiss's FFN pen name - to take over the story. Permission I can't be bothered to provide. Permission that Assassins_Kiss told the owner of the site last night she never gave. Which makes me an outright thief.)

    So now all of your stories are safe from another conniving little thief with the temerity to state they've done something illegal and expect nothing will come of that either, because I'm banned for life. Banned for life. Banned for life. BANNED FOR LIFE.

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