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    My goal in life is just to live life to the fullest. I love making videos, drawing, and cosplaying. I am a huge supporter of yaoi and love writing it more than anything else. Anyway, hope you read my stories and hope you enjoy them!

    Current Events: So I'm back! Currently working on the third chapter of Summer Skies, as well as finishing up first chapters of multiple new ones from both Naruto and Kuroshitsuji. Trying to work on the stories everyday (so far doing good with that) and have an easier way to do notes. Planning on getting a netbook so I can update stories without having to be at the computer. Which means stuff should come out even faster! Hopefully

    My favorite anime's/manga's: Aoi House, Black Blood Brothers, Death Note, Hellsing, Howl's Moving Castle, InuxBoku SS, Junjou Romantica, Kamisama Kiss, Kiki's Delivery Service, Kuroshitsuji Series, Laputa: Castle in the Sky, Naruto, No. 6, Ouran Host Club, Plastic Memories, Princess Mononoke, Sensitive Pornograph, Spirited Away, Togainu No Chi, Vampire Knight (original and Guilty), Yuri! On Ice

    My fav yaoi pairings are: [Death Note] LightxL [Hellsing] AlucardxEveryone [Kuroshitsuji 1&2] SebxCiel, CielxAlois, UnderxEveryone [Naruto] SasuxNaru, SasoxDei, ItaxDei, KibaxGaa, ItaxGaa, ItaxNaru, ShikaxNeji [Ouran Host Club] HikaxKaou, TamaxKyo [Vampire Knight Guilty] ZeroxKaname, RidoxEveryone, [Yuri! On Ice] VictorxYuri, YurioxYuri, VictorxYurio, VictorxYurioxYuri, YurioxOtabek

    My favorite authors: Nina Bangs, Tamora Pierce, DarkPrism, Junjou-chan, SasuNaruFan13, Kim Harrison, Christine Feehan

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