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    Hi.  My name is Debbie (or Deb) and I've been involved in fandoms for many years, beginning in the late Eighties/early Nineties with Beauty & the Beast (the original TV show, starring Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman) back in the days when we published our own fanzines (called 'zines).  Yes, actually printed out the pages and had them bound in order to sell them at conventions.  It was costly and I doubt any of us made more than a few dollars in profit, if any.   Ah, those were the days!  *g*

    After BATB came Buffy, followed of course by Angel, after which came the Twilight books. When I grew bored with TwiFic, I decided to check out Harry Potter.  I had loved the books and movies both, but somewhat to my surprise I found that what I really loved was HP slash.  And so far (3 years later) I've not tired of it!

    I am a fanatic about good grammar/syntax/spelling.  So you can imagine the ulcers I get from reading amateur online fiction, which is rife with errrors.  I'm going to address just one of the common misconceptions here:  apostrophe use.  Contrary to what appears to be popular belief, apostrophes are not used for plurals unless they're possessives.  

    WRONG:  Harry dreaded meeting with the Malfoy's.    RIGHT:  Harry dreaded meeting with the Malfoys. 

    WRONG:  Harry looked through the paper's.  RIGHT:  Harrry looked through the papers.

    RIGHT:  Harry looked through the paper's advertisements.  (This is a possessive use.)

    ALSO RIGHT:  Harry dreaded returning to the Dursleys' house.  (possessive plural)

    Apostrophes should NOT, however, be used for possessive pronouns.

    WRONG:  The dragon tilted it's head.  RIGHT:  The dragon tilted its head.  (IT'S means IT IS)

    WRONG:  Is this coffee your's or mine's?  RIGHT:  Is this coffee yours or mine?

    Okay, done with the lecture for now!

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