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    Hello there.

    Firstly, I would just like to assure you that I am ‚Äčextremely embarassed by the fact that I am writing smut, and would like to make some paltry attempts to justify myself.  I had tossed around the idea of penning some smut for years, and finally made the jump after getting positive encouragement to do so from my partner. Like with traditional audiovisual pornography, I find that it's difficult to find smut that reflects the type of sex I actually have. I want to try and use smut as a tool for transmitting my thoughts on sexuality and gender politics, and I try to make sure that there's at least *some* intellectual value to my dirty stories about video game characters boinking. Some.

    As to why I'm writing fan-fiction rather than original works, I've always found fan-fiction a more effective medium for erotica than original writings Perhaps it's that having established characters and such gives a jumping off point for writing the story of a sexual encounter. Perhaps it's just a case of if porn is awesome and video games are awesome, then porn about video games is double awesome. For me, it's far more easy and enjoyable to take existing entities with unestablished sexualities and fill in the gaps rather than create characters who exist solely to narrate their sexual encounters.

    Things that you can expect from my writing include: rough sex between attractive,athletic, people; meditations on the what makes rough sex attractive and the role of consensual violence in sex; characterization of men as objects of beauty and desire equal to women; questioning of gender norms in sexual relationships; and lots of Final Fantasy I porn. Because that game is amazing, and there needs to be more porn of it. 

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