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    I started writing Fanfiction over 3 years ago, although I have written stories for as long as I can remember.  I can actually vividly remember starting a book (although I only got like 2 pages written) back in first grade.  The reason I remember it is because the main character was playing with the twins that lived next door, and her dad came home and told her their car had gone off of a bridge a week before and they had drowned...  Kind of a morbid idea for a seven-year-old...  Anyway, I normally post my stories on Fanfiction.net (exact same penname, although with spaces instead of _), but not all of them can have their original versions displayed because of MA rated content.  I edited (butchered) them to fit the TOS, and have been looking for a new site off and on to post them on.

    Honestly, I don't care much for Fanfiction.net.  There are ways that they could allow MA rated content (or at least there seem to be ways) but they don't, as well as other, simple things like having song lyrics in a fanfiction.  The main thing that it has going for it is exposure, and its one of the only reason really that I still stay there.  It is also easy to navigate (I had a bit of trouble with this site, figuring out how it worked) and I can't punish those who have followed my stories through the years waiting for them to be finished by leaving the site and not finishing them.

    Fanfictions I will most likely post on this site as well:

    The Cave
    My Future King's Squire

    Any other MA rated story that I will (eventually) be writing.

    The rest of my stories are up in their original format on the other site, so there is no need to post them here, too.

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