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    Name: I have many, asshole, jerk wad, you son of a bitch; we'll go with pokemaster12 for now.

    Age: 23

    Height: 5'7" or 170 centimeters

    Weight: 145 lbs

    Body Type: Athletic

    Eye color: it's kind of odd because my eyes tend to change, during the warmer seasons such as summer their brown, but during winter they turn green. Not completely green, its more of a hazel green, but it was enough that one of my friends asked me if I was wearing color contacts once.

    Sex: I am a man, but not just any man, I am the most manliest man this side of mansdale.

    Hobbies: Drawing, reading, writing, 3D modeling, Sparring, exercising.

    Vocation: College graduate currently trying to make his way in the world. I've applied to several places but have yet to hear back from them.

    fav Animes and Manga's: Gundam Seed, Gundam Wing, Original Gundam, Outlaw Star, Star Ocean EX, Bleach, Full Metal Panic, Pokemon, Full Metal Alchemist, Fairy Tail and Naruto-sorta (i like others but their not as important as these ones).

    Story Progress:

    Harry Potter's Rise to Power - Currently writing Chapter 19 of Book 2

    Negima: Kage Mage - Chapter 15 - Posted

    Naruto Shippuden: Namikaze's Return - Chapter 21 - Posted

    Story of the Ten Tailed Wolf - Chapter 19 - Posted

    Naruto: Shifts In Life - Chapter 38 - Posted

    Uzumaki Naruto: Birth of the New Demon King - Chapter 19 - Posted

    Ashikabi No Shinobi - Chapter 12 - Posted

    The Legend of Gaia's Sennin - chapter 7 - posted


    Favorite Pairings:


    Naruto X Fem. Kyuubi - Don't know why I love this pairing so much, but it is definitely one of my Favs. Probably because if Kyuubi was a female, then she would have fallen in love with Naruto by now. Besides, Kyuubi has always been with him, and is really the only person... fox... who has been with Naruto since his birth.

    Naruto X Yugito - As two Jinchurikki I feel they can understand one another better then other's. I also think it would be romantic to see them become involved, especially if they started off as enemies since they come from different villages.

    Naruto X Konan - Both of them are students of Jiraiya, and both of them want peace. They already have a rapport with each other because of that.

    Naruto X Mei - Who the hell wouldn't want to get involved with the hot and fiery lava spewing beauty. The fact that she has red hair just settles it in my mind.

    Naruto X Yugao - This is one of those pairings you don't see very often. In fact, I've only seen one time where Yugao ends up with Naruto and it's not a harem. It's novelty is something to be cherished.

    Naruto X Koyuki - I can totally see this happening. I mean, come on, Naruto not only saved her from Dotou, he saved her country, AND brought her hope when she had none.

    Naruto X Shion - Similar to Koyuki, Naruto saved her and destroyed her notion of fate. We all know that she loves him, or at least lusts for him. She did ask him to help her "pass down her powers to the next priestess" after all.

    Naruto X Temari - This is one of those things that I think could happen if Naruto ever got his head out of his ass and stopped chasing Sakura. Let's face it, Naruto is probably the only person Gara would actually allow Temari to date, and he is the only person who isn't intimidated by the Kazekage.

    Naruto X Harem with any of the aforementioned women - Now, my reasons for liking a harem have nothing to do with the fact that I think Naruto deserves all the love he can stand because he's lived such a hard life, and everything to do with the fact that I am a man. While all men will try to deny it and give excuses for why they give the main character in their stories a harem, it is always because of this reason. As red hot blooded males, we are simply imposing what we would like for ourselves on the main character in our stories. Deny it all you want guys, but you know as well as I do that's the real reason we write Harem fics.

    A/N: These are not all of the pairings I like, just the main ones.

    Gundam Seed:

    Kira X Lacus - This is just that eternally perfect couple. They were fucking made for each other.

    Harry Potter:

    Harry X Daphne - My favorite pairing, mainly because of fanon. I think it's because Daphne is more or less a ready made OC, she has no personality, we don't know what she looks like, and we don't know anything about her background, other then she is in Slytherin. This makes it very easy for us to create her however we want, and therefore gives us a degree of freedom in our writing, without having to make an OC.

    Harry X Tracey - Same reason as Harry X Daphne, though I will admit that I don't like this pairing as much.

    Harry X Susan - Again, we don't see much of her and we only know a little about her background; that she's the niece of Amelia Bones, the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, and that she's in Hufflepuff. Other then that, we know nothing, and therefore we have more freedom to make her as we want.

    Harry X Fleur - I could say it's because they can understand each other, since Harry is popular because he's famous, and Fleur because she is beautiful, but I would be lying. The real reason I like this pairing so much is because Fleur is hot, as in really REALLY hot.

    Harry X Gabrielle - Now, the reason I love this pairing is actually because I read Jeconais' story Hope on fanficauthors(.)net. It was one of the most moving stories I've ever read. It had excellent grammar, it was thought provoking, it brought out all kinds of emotions. Hell, I actually cried when I thought Gabrielle died. A well thought out, well written story that was both believable within the confines of the Harry Potter universe, and creative.

    Harry X Harem - This is more or less the same reason that I love Naruto X Harem. I'm a guy. However, I will admit that I enjoy seeing stories where Harry gets a harem and they are actually not only well written, but also thought provoking and emotionally powerful. Sadly, there are very few well written Harry Harem stories out there. Most of them are either written so the author can write smut, or they use the "Harry has multiple marriage contracts that he MUST accept or he will lose all of his magic, his title as heir to all 400 houses that he has somehow found himself the head of, and they will all go to Draco Malfoy" plot device. Out of all the Harry Harem stories in every fanfiction site I have been to, only like, three or four actually meet the criteria for a well written story.

    Ranma 1/2:

    Ranma X Shampoo - Some may be asking, why not Akane? That's because I'm not really into Tsundere. Akane is a very violent girl, much like Sakura Haruno - whose violent tendencies astounds me sometimes. However, unlike Sakura - who is just a Sasuke fan girl - Akane's reason for being violent is because she is unwilling to admit to liking Ranma. Shampoo has no trouble admitting her love for him. Plus, she is far cuter then Akane in my books.


    Ichigo X Yoruichi - How could I NOT like this pairing. The hot-heated teen whose still a virgin and blushes at the mere sight of a naked woman, and the extremely sexy and flirty woman who enjoys parading around naked. It's a match made in heaven... or the Seireitei.

    Ichigo X Orohime - It's clear to me that Orohime loves Ichigo, she's already admitted it during the arc where she is kidnapped by Ulquiorre (Am I spelling this right?) so we know she has feelings for him. Plus, she's got that whole sexy/sweet girl next door dichotomy that I just can't help but appreciate.


    Naruto X Fairy Tail:

    Naruto X Erza - There is a theory that most guys will often go after someone who in some way reminds them of their mother. Erza is strong, slightly violent, and a red head. 'Nuff said.

    Naruto X Mira - I think they can understand each other. Naruto is hated because he is a Jinchuuriki and Mira because of her Satan Soul.

    Naruto X Lucy - No real reason, other then Lucy is hot.

    Naruto X Cana - Same reason as Lucy.

    Naruto X Ultear - I think if anyone can make Ultear happy it's Naruto, who is well known for turning enemies into friends.

    Naruto X Fairy Tail Harem - I won't even bother stating my reasons for this.

    Naruto X Sekirei:

    Naruto X Musubi

    Naruto X Matsu

    Naruto X Tsukuimi

    Naruto X Miya

    Naruto X Kazehana

    Naruto X Akitsu

    Naruto X Sekirei Harem




    Ninja Ranking System:

    Ok so... A lot of people seem to have issues with ranking people in the ninja system. I believe this is due to the fact that Kishimoto tends to make his characters level of strength fly all over the place with out any semblance of thought. So I decided I would create rankings that will be how the ninja and or people in my stories rank. Everyone knows of the rank to signify a persons significance within the ninja system, Genin, Chunin, Jonin and Hokage. But I believe when ranking a person by strength, you should use the alphabetical ranking system. This system consists of the ranks E through SS, those being E, D, C, B, A, S and SS to identify the strength of a ninja.

    E- this is the lowest level of strength for a ninja, standardly the rank of an academy student and a lower level genin. This is the strength that canon Naruto starts off with until he learns tree walking, people who are also at this level are Ino and Sakura before they get training by Tsunade.

    D- this is the rank of a standard level genin to a higher level genin. In the start of the anime until the wave arch this is the level that Sasuke Uchiha is at. People who are also in this level are Choji, Shikamaru, Shino, Hinata, Kiba and Naruto after the wave arch.

    C- This is the level of a standard Chunin. during the Chunin Exams arch the people at this level are Neji, Sasuke, Lee, Temari and Kankuro (Naruto could be considered here but I believe all of his matches were won by luck and liberal use of Kyuubi's chakra)

    B- the rank of a standard jonin, normally one who has just gotten to that position or those who do not train much after reaching this status. People at this level are Kurenai, Ebisu, Gaara and the members of the Sound four.

    A- the elite of the elite rank. This is the rank of those who have been forged by hard training and experience, people who are always aspiring to be better. Their standard strength is far above that of B rank and they are able to take on around two or three B rank level shinobi at the same time with out recieving to much damage. People at this level are Asuma, Gai, Kakashi, Anko and Yugito (Please note when Yugito is using her Bijuu's youki she is bumped up to S rank).

    S- The level that few ninja ever live to get to. Generally these people are those who are at the level that can compete with the kage's, the strongest ninja within the ninja system. This level also has major differences in strength, enough that there are three sub categories. Regardless of the sub level you are at, any S rank shinobi is capable of taking on three or more A ranked ninja and defeating them with minimul injury.

    Low level S- Ninja that are just at the level of S rank. Ninja such as Yugito (When using her Bijuu), Tsunade, Sasori, Deidera and Hidan (I consider him Low Level because he does not have any skills beyond his immortality and his Self Injuring Jutsu)

    Mid Level S- those who are in the middle of the Ninja ranking system. Ninja of this level are Orochimaru, Kakazu, Mei Terumi, Kirabi, A, Sarutobi (now), Oonoki.

    High Level S- the best of the best among S rank, shinobi who's skill and power is often considered unrivaled. Ninja of this level are Sarutobi (in his prime), Jiraiya, Nagato, Konan. Be aware that there is a difference in skill and level among people at this level (Konan is less powerful than Jiraiya, but Jiraiya is less powerful then Nagato).

    SS- A rank that was made for those ninja who's skill level have ascended to heights that other ninja can not posibly hope to fathom. These ninja are ninja who can literally be considered gods made mortal and whose power and skill is enough that the mere mention of these people sends any ninja in fear. ninja of this ranking are more than capable of taking on multiple S rank ninja and defeating them though they are likely to be injured during the battle. Only two ninja are at this rank, Minato Namikaze and Madara Uchiha.

    I hope this gives people some measure of how I rank ninja, and please note that these rankings (aside from SS-rank which I made up for my stories) are all canon based before Shippuden starts.

    Photo's of people in Naruto Shippuden: Namikaze's Return Redux!

    please note that none of these images are mine and i am only using them to show what the characters look like.



    Yugito Nii

    Yugao Uzuki


    Step One: Naruto is being chased by an angry mob even though he's only three years old (barly old enough to wipe his own ass) and living alone for some reason.

    Step Two: He trips and/or reaches a dead end (oh noooo's) and they procede to inflict grevous, crippling, and all around over exaggerated unsurvivable wounds.

    Step Three: After ten minutes of stabbing and beating (Which miraculously avoided his vitals) someone comes in to inflict the the final blows at the crowds jeering.

    Step Four: In a 'thrilling' and 'suspenseful' moment a giant war-hammer is swung down on Naruto, only to be stopped an inch from his head by token superhero #25.

    Step Five: Token superhero #25 yells at crowd. "WHAT ARE DO DOING TO TO THIS POOR BOY?!," crowd replies. "KILLING THE DEMON!" or the like. Slaughter ensues.

    Step Six: Sarutobi and an Anbu squad show up. (perfect timing) Hokage confronts token superhero #25. "WHO ARE YOU?!" hero responds. "I'm super awesome-man! (Relation to Naruto's parents optional) Now why are your villagers attacking this poor boy?"

    Step Seven: The Hokage proceeds to break his own law and tells to complete strangers Narutos life story, much to their outrage.

    Step Eight: Token superhero #25 says he's taking the boy away to train him. Sarutobi agrees immendiatly without arguement, but pleads for them to return for the Genins exams. #25 agrees. (The fact that he agreed to bring the kid back to a place that delivered a massive beating to a three year old didn't seem to bother him.)

    Step Nine: Naruto wakes up after the ten minute conversation completely healed, energetic, and with enough brain damage to forgive the entire ordeal. (Apparently he's Jesus, filled with infinate forgiveness for the unforgivable)

    Step Ten: They fill Naruto in on the details and he begs to be able to come back to be Hokage. (a three year old can comprehend and the duo is off.

    Step Eleven: Time skip. Naruto returns, covered in trench coats and pictures of foxes. (throwing all stigmas to the wind).

    Step Twelve: Meets Hokage and dishes out all his skills in painful detail. (Throwing all ninja sense to the wind.) Assigned to go to the academy, which happens to be having its exam that day.

    Step Thirteen: Shows off dramarically for the test and remainder of story, powning everyone but Orochimaru in the Forest of death.

    Step Foreteen: Falls in love with Hinata?!

    Props to Silent Master for his well thought out and reasoned rant (claps)



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