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    Hello to all visitors. I am whitetiger9953.

    Gender: Female.

    Age: More than old enough to be here but not a grandma yet. :P


    Well I have never been good at explaining myself but here goes....

    I am a crazy, perverted, psychotic, sexoholic who loves Anime, horror movies, action movies, Love novels (AKA written porn), and of course YAOI. I enjoy writing even though my stories are a little rough, (never said I was a good writer, :P ) I love to read other peoples work and do my very best to comment on their work.

    Oh ya and I'm also known as the crazy cat lady by most of the people in my apartment complex (I have six cats). I even have a plaque on my door proudly declaring my status as such. If I could afford it I would have more ;)

    Any who, Please enjoy the stories I have written and feel free to leave me a comment, I love to hear from people even if it is a simple, "It was okay."  And to all out there who love to bring people down with their angry, hurtful remarks: Your comments will be ignored.  (Never did like bullies)

    To the silent question as to why I do not upload on a regular basis, here is my answer: I am a single mother who works a full time job, and I have recently taken on a part time job to supplement my income. It is not easy being on your own with a child in today's economy, especially when you live in a smaller city that has few options. That said, I am still trying to keep up with my stories and am always thinking up new and exiting ideas. Thank you for your patience.

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