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    Hi there! The name's KoKoa (pronounced like cocoa but with Ks...) but other people will know me by Jam, J Linz or simply Ko.

    46 married female although I lean towards the genderfluid spectrum so I don't mind people calling me Sir or Ma'am, dude, bro, etc. 

    Been writing since the age of 10. My initial preference used to be fanfic but nowadays, if I write, it's mostly original.

    My preferred shipping is M/F. I don't write much LGBT+ so, sorry for that...

    When I get an itch for fanfiction, I write DC fanfiction with Martian Manhunter being the main. I don't write the normal ships when it comes to DC fanfiction. 

    I am a sportsaholic and my favorite sports are football and basketball. I will casually watch others. My favorite teams are: Memphis Grizzlies, Memphis Tigers, Tennessee Titans, Alabama Crimson Tide football and Duke Blue Devils men's basketball. I'm more comfortable chatting sports than any other subjects.

    I don't have any specific fandoms that I am a true fangirl of. Although my utmost favorite character is Martian Manhunter, I've yet to watch a single episode of Supergirl: I've heard things and there's a mixed review but I feel that's because of the main focus of the Super family. I think David Harewood is a wonderful actor but watching the whole Crisis on Earth arc that covered several DC series, I saw that my fears were right and they nerfed the hell out of my Martian.

    Otherwise, I honestly will read anything that has a good storyline, no matter what the pairing or fandom.

    *** Anything added to my reading/recommended authors is overall, the people and stories that I would recommend! So don't think I recommend only one story (it was added there on accident because I was confused; lol); the others are in my top list! ***

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