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    Alright... back at it, again: rewriting the bio! Hi! While my pen name is KoKoa, you can call me J Linz if you like! 43, married woman with no kids living in the US; Maryland. I've been writing stories since I was 10 but I've been a fanfiction writer for a few years.

    I write mostly SIs because... well, why wouldn't you want to put yourself in a story?! XD I'm in the process of editing my main stories on here so hopefully, they'll read a bit better! I'm not a fan of any one genre; I'll read whatever I think is good. I tend to lean towards fantasy books, though...

    I am a huge fangirl of the Martian Manhunter J'onn J'onzz. Enough said...

    I don't act my age; I don't think I ever have... I'm growing in reverse... :P

    I love music but not movies; you have to drag me to the theater unless it's a superhero-related movie... or something that was based on a cartoon... or something that is animated and/or by Pixar...

    I love sports, particularly basketball and football. Favorite teams are: Memphis Grizzlies, Tennessee Titans, Nashville Predators, Alabama Crimson Tide football, Duke Blue Devils basketball. Memphis Tigers anything! Just started to like baseball. I watch an occasional NASCAR race; my guy is Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

    That's about it, I think. Any questions, don't be afraid to ask me; I have nothing to hide! 

    *** Anything added to my reading/recommended authors is overall, the people and stories that I would recommend! So don't think I recommend only one story (it was added there on accident because I was confused; lol); the others are in my top list! ***

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