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    Well, I love to read Original stories, Final Fantasy 8, LOTR, Buffy and some Harry Potter. I mostly read slash/yaoi stories.  My favorite pairing is Seifer x Squall, and always will be. I used to write under the penname angels_obsession on FFN, a long time ago. I no longer write stories, though I'd love to go back to it, but I love to roleplay 1 on 1 over AIM. 


    AIM Langehantent

    or ficklexfrecklex

    or arunasoume


    I pretty much always play as Squall, I also am willing to rp original and other fandoms. I prefer 1-2 paragraphs per post, and no i'm not strict! haha


    my favorite pairings:

    Final Fantasy VIII- SeiferxSquall, IrvinexSquall, LagunaxSquall, LagunaxKiros

    LOTR - AragornxLegolas, ElrondxLegolas, most anyone with Leggy lol

    HP - DracoxHarry, SnapexHarry, CedricxHarry.. 

    Buffy/Angels series - AngelxSpike

    I'm getting interested in Game of Thrones fanfiction, but haven't found much to read yet. :)
















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