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    REVIEW RESPONSES for TBDH can be found over at

    This is because I don't want to have a 100 threads/forums/and replies scattered all over the place and I don't have the time to keep up to date with a 100 different places either.  ~_^ Review replies are organized by chapter and everything does appear on FF first, mostly because their uploading system is idiotproof for my poor frazzled brain. You can find additional information over there for TBDH as well as side fics, like the Snape Circle, etc. I am still posting over here at AFF, it just takes me longer and the formatting issues often give me a headache. You really aren't missing much at the moment, both versions as of 12-01-2012 are about the same, with a touch of an extra lime scene over here on AFF. 

    Thanks for visiting my profile! I hope you find something fun to read.

    I am Scioneeris from fanfiction, and presently I am migrating a few of my fics over here. This is mostly due to some creative suggestion by my reviewers and by specific request of a dear reader of mine and also for the purpose of not having to freak out over whether my fics will stay up or down over there. >_>  I tend to write mostly PG-13-ish, but the occasional lemon/sex scene will appear. 

    If you want to know a little bit about me, I'm currently a student in university, studying for my B.A. in English. I literally have to write all the time, so writing is just a given. I update generally about once a week, because I only have time for non-academic writing on the weekends.

    As usual, updates to any of these are all based on WHEN I have time to write and HOW much time I have to write. I will not abandon any story I have begun, I simply wait for my muse/inspiration or actual TIME TO WRITE! My student life is extremely hectic and sometimes I need sleep more than anything.

    Stories with the most 'inspiration' at the time are usually updated, unless I have a blank moment or so. ~_^

    If I have not updated a fic in a long time there are one of two reasons: 1, University is in session and I am up to my eyeballs in actual academic work/writing. I cannot update during these times. Two, I am stuck on a plot point and am waiting to properly figure it out instead of haphazardly writing out a bunch of junk. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

    PLEASE NOTE: I write Yaoi, Yuri and Het and sometimes I avoid it altogether(Also known as Slash/Femslash/Hetero). Fics with high-ratings are to be taken seriously and read the warnings I post. I know I write a little of everything and that we all have our own preferences, so just read what you like and skip what you don't. I write all of it, because I see it as a challenge for my writing abilities. I also tend to write with a slightly rambling style and I love to torture my characters (I take good care of them in the end though.) :P

    Currently being brought over from ff.

    There Be Dragons, Harry


    I have a forum as well, filled with review responses, quick polls and whatnot. Check them out here:


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