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    This site is used only for my MA works.  I am a fan of both yaoi and hentai, and not particularly into character bashing.  Yaoi works can also be found at  Fanfics that are rated less than MA can be found at under pseudonym "garnet eyes."  Most of my 2010 and later work can be found on my livejournal.

    FF IV: KainxCecilxRosa
    FF VII: CloudxSephiroth
    Kingdom Hearts: MarluxiaxVexen, SoraxRiku
    Pet Shop of Horrors: LeonxD

    Others I am fond of:
    Bleach: IchigoxByakuya, IchigoxUkitake
    Escaflowne: VanxAllen
    FF VII: CloudxVincent, VincentxSephiroth, CloudxKadaj
    Gundam Wing: HeeroxZechs, DuoxZechs, WufeixZechs
    Metalocalypse: TokixSkwisgaar

    Critiques always encouraged! I'm forever looking to improve my writing. Any critical analysis is much appreciated; be it poor grammar or OOC characters, I want to know how I'm mistreating the language.


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