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    My interests are vast and if one can interest me enough with a description of their story, I will take a look. I have been writing and roleplaying since I was ten, perfecting my art and skills enough to satisfy the reader.

    I do not believe that a good story comes from fancy words, extensive detail {meaning three paragraphs to explain how a desk looks}, or even the length of it's chapters.

    Yet with that said, neither of those things can truly hurt a story when used correctly and in the right amount. I believe short chapters are key to holding ones attention, so that they are not daunted by the length of the page in which they're reading.

    I do have a terrible habit of interesting readers and suddenly vanishing for quite some time or 'giving up' on one story only to begin another. Though usually because of that short attention span I lean towards one shots or short stories. Bear with me, if you become a fan.

    Please do let me know in a review what you thought of my story!

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