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    facebook Aerith Mon-Kishu

    What can I tell about me... Well, I love the Marvel Universe and FFVII.

    Fanfics I prefer are

    Loki x Natasha, Loki x Sigyn, Loki x Sif, Loki x Jane,

    SephirothxAerith, SephxTifa, SephxRosso,... or to say it simplier: Everything that is NOT Yaoi with Loki or Sephiroth.

    Age: 22

    Height: 5' 3"(163 cm) -> the same as Aerith, Rosso, etc. It looks like that's used pretty often XD

    Weight: 50 kg (110 pounds)

    Country: Germany (currently in Kyoto, Japan, because I study there. Normally I live in Stuttgart XD)

    Music: Gothic/Industrial/Darkwave, Heavy Metal, J-Rock, J-Pop, Folk musik, Musical

    Sports: Gymnastics, Skiing, Cycling, Karate

    Game console: Gameboy Color, Mobile Phone for gaming, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Gameboy, Nintendo DS, PSP

    Status: Single out of conviction and maybe a little bit B

    Current Job: Student at an University (studying Interior Design)

    About my stories:

    MARVEL Stuff:

    Paying her a visit:

    Loki x Jane

    Loki gave Thor a promise to visit his little mortal, and that was no lie.

    At first he makes her suffer through terrible nightmares in which he shows her the future he may give her. He teases her until her fear and lust make him strong enough to free himself from the bonds and... visits her.

    Glorious, not lengthy:

    Loki x Natasha

    Loki reflects his life with Natasha while telling it to their children.

    Chapter titles (the stuff with the letter “D” is a little gag )

    1: Deep Mourning (Prolog) (1,100 words)

    Only an intro from present time. Tissues should be readied.

    2: Desire (1,400 words)

    Loki has this overwhelming desire to have BlackWidow since the first moment he met her.

    3: Dreams (1,000 words) (almost rated M)

    Loki on Asgard, having dreams about how it would be to bed Natasha.

    4: Demon set free (6,400 words) (rated M)

    Natasha frees Loki (a bit gore-ish) and Odin allows them to spend time together,

    knowing exactly what Loki needs.

    5: Destruction and Development (4,500 words) (rated M)

    The Frostgiants attack and Loki finally accepts his heritage to defeat them

    but also brings Natasha in danger, unleashing his icy lust.

    Fortunately she can withstand his cold somehow. *snickers*

    6: Disease and Freeze (6,400 words fluff warning) (rated M)

    Natasha is feeling cold and sick. Banner finds out that she is pregnant

    and Loki promises to help her through everything, even asking Odin to help.

    And oh the help is much easier for the Frostgiants being a very passionate race when their females are concerned.

    7: Devotion

    8: Daddy

    9: Dearly Loved

    10: Death (Epilog)

    Bearing the Trickster's Heir

    A series of nightmare's BlackWidow has in which Loki forces her to have his son. Don't worry, it will get a fluffy ending.

    Preview:„little Tasha...Time to wake up..." She recognized the voice but couldn't remember who it belonged to. However the sly grin vibrating through the dark and melodic timbre made her shiver. Then the pain hit her. "Oh, good girl. Looks like it's time..." Natasha was able to open her eyes and see a man with black hair kneeling between her spread thighs. "Time for what?" "To push..."

    Loki's cruel desires:

    Loki x Sif

    What would have happened if it hadn't been Odin telling Loki about his true parentage but Laufey? What if father and son fought together, Loki becoming King of Asgard?

    And what will happen to Sif then...?


    Loki x Sigyn (but concentrated in Loki, Thor and Sif)

    One Shot. If you like it, Sequel possible.

    Summary: Loki has visits in his cell from the most important persons of his past.

    In this case: Thor, Sif and Sigyn. Everyone of them has his own way to make the visit unforgettable and has a message for Loki.

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