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    If you are looking for the ultimate grammar guru, you have found him or her. If you desire to receive the infinite blessings of the enlightened, unfortunately, I cannot help you. I am a college graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in English, and I enjoy reading, writing, and editing. These activities are my main hobbies, and I currently work as an English tutor at an online university. I harbor a great love for the Harry Potter series, the Star Trek universe, the Wheel of Time series, the original Dune series, the Septimus Heap series, and several anime and manga series. I am an avid, intelligent reader, and I read everything from Shakespeare and Joyce to childrenís' literature and manga. I am very well versed in the Harry Potter series, and I have a general working knowledge of everything Trekkian, though I will admit that I did not enjoy Enterprise and have yet to finish watching the series. My knowledge of Star Trek: The Original Series is largely limited to the movies and personal research because I have not watched each season in its entirety as of yet. I write fan fiction within the Harry Potter universe and the Star Trek universe, but I also write original fiction, creative nonfiction, and personal memoirs. Because I have such a love for the written word, my writing generally tends to include a blend of sentence types. I have a rapacious propensity for eloquent word choice, and I regularly employ use of the vaunted compound-complex sentence with great pleasure and alacrity. I will happily read nearly any story and provide sentence-level editing, criticism, and feedback; however, I will provide character, plot, and theme analysis upon request. I do not enjoy bestiality, but all other fiction is welcome. I personally enjoy male-male pairings that include a bit of violence, or more, and have a flair for the dramatic. I truly love authors who experiment with wordplay, plot devices, and character development. The beauty and elegance of the written word expands the mind's horizons because words work as purveyors of thought, and we all have an innate desire to seek understanding from and communicate with our fellow human beings. That being said, I believe that fan fiction is the ultimate form of flattery. After all, what was Shakespeare if he was not an excellent writer of fan fiction? Because of the Internet, we writers have an advantage that previous authors would have died to obtain, and this boon should be used to the fullest extent to explore the lusts, foibles, and agonies of the human condition. My knowledge of the English language is exquisite because I have tutored for six years at three different college institutions. I work easily with both native and non-native English speakers. Someday, I hope my words are immortalized in print to be passed down and worshipped by my fans, ex-lovers, and a raving horde of religious followers, but in the meantime, I will settle for finishing my MA in literature so that I may become an English professor at the collegiate level. After all, backup plans are essential, especially to the postmodern writer--one can never be entirely sure how characters will behave once they are unleashed. I am an author, reader, and editor. I am an impassioned, obsessive observer of the use of commas, parallelism, and the semicolon. I am a beta reader, and this is my credo. Please feel free to contact me at with questions or to begin a dialogue about your fiction.

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