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    Hi, My name is Saku...

    Also known as kusanobabe05 from Livejournal...

    Also known as kusanosaku on

    I'm reposting most of my HP fics here:


    All of Mirror Chronicles; Undeniable [complete] - edited, Not Old Yet!  and the Rebirth!- are posted. Can you keep a secret is there as well. Not Old Yet has a baby poll

    The Truth Behind the Name and the Lies is posted here:

    Pts. 1-5 are complete. Have posted  pt6 ADD COMMUNITY IF YOU WANT TO READ the NAUGHTY/Lemon stuff. Posts after pt1 ch1 will NOT show up until you do. reviews will not be posted there. So if my replies are an annoyance then reading it there solve the issue.

    There will be some editing of course and maybe expanding of naughty scenes on the communities since naughtiness is sort of against the rules at

    You will HAVE TO add the communities to view the chapters. Sorry if that is a bother, the chapters are there but it's locked.

    The Truth behind the Name and the Lies has been removed by myself due to it not being completely in accordance to rules. It will require a re-write of part one. That will take time. Once the re-write is complete I will post the entirety of it as well as other completed parts.

    I ship dracoxharry, weasley twincest, siriusxremus, ronxhermione and nevillexginny from the series and scorpiusxalbus from the epilogue...

    I adore the concept of fanservice and the HP movies don't show case enough of it.

    I'm in love with Gundam Wing, Sailor Moon, Yu Yu Hakusho, Full-Metal Alchemist and a few yoai centric anime/manga but I have a weakness for Strawberry Panic.

    Since most of my HP fics are part of the same 'universe' I figured I'd post something about their order...

    --Harry Potter fics--

    My Harry series- Mirror Chronicles

    Title: Living in the shadows
    Pairing: SiriusxRemus, one-sided PeterxJames, [one-sided] JamesxLily Remus is in mourning for Sirius and relieves his past with the man he loved, his mate. Will his memories remind him that he is worthy of love? Slight prequel to Undeniable; not necessary to read but explains how Teddy came to be.

    Title: To hate those you love [Complete!]
    Fandom: Harry Potter
    Pairings: One sided PeterxJames, James [JP] xLily, RemusxSirius
    Rating: Umm…
    Notes: Why Peter would turn on James? This is the question everyone especially Remus and Sirius wanted to know. I’m sure Severus would love to know why Peter would have endangered Lily as well, considering that Snape loved Lily but lost her due to his word choice and death eater status.

    Title: Undeniable [Complete!]
    Pairing: DracoxHarry, GeorgexFred, BillxFleur, CharliexBlaise, eventual ScorpiusxAlbus
    Fandom : HP
    Notes: Post Series/slight AU; part of my universe with Hiding in the Shadows. Draco's in love with Harry but he's an outcast in the Wizarding World...Harry in unhappily married to Ginny Weasley and hides an attraction to the blond. What happens when Draco gives into his need for 'The Boy Who Lived Twice'.

    Title: The Rebirth!

    Pairing: ScorpiusxAlbus, very apparent DracoxHarry, one-sided James[JSP] xRose, TeddyxVictoire
    Fandom : HP
    Notes: Post Series/slight AU. Albus Severus Potter and Scorpius Black [Malfoy] are eleven and are heading to Hogwarts for the first time. They had been inseparable from the day Scorpius first saw Albus-the day he was born. They are half brothers…and very powerful magic ties them together. Is Albus really okay with belonging to Scorpius? Or is he just going along with it to appease his brother, hoping that Scorpius with find someone else?

    Title: Not old yet
    Pairing: DracoxHarry, ScorpiusxAlbus, GeorgexFred, BillxFleur, TeddyxVictoire, CharliexBlaise,
    Fandom : HP
    Notes: Post Series/slight AU; part of my universe with Hiding in the Shadows, true sequel to Undeniable- takes place about one year after the Epilogue. Draco and Harry’s eldest son and his wife are expecting their first child; Draco refuses to accept he is ’old’. Draco has a hard time dealing with an ’empty nest’; four children at Hogwarts and no little ones running around anymore. George is having a hard time; as his daughters grow up, Fred is seeming farther away and he feels more alone then ever. All that is truly left of the slightly older Weasley twin is a portrait, or is it?

    ~Random HP next gen fic, does not fit in my universes

    Title: Baiting of Rose
    Rating: M
    Pairing: RosexDominique
    Warning: for Yuri - girl on girl sexual activities. I do not own Harry Potter or it’s characters. I am just having fun with them.

    ~HP Au fics~

    Title: The Truth Behind the Name and the Lies
    Pairing:DracoxHarry, GeorgexFred, eventual BillxFleur, CharliexBlaise, ViktorxHermione, RemusxSeverus,
    Fandom : HP
    Notes: An abused boy finds out he's a wizard and a hero; his tormented mind rebels. One person sees through the misconceptions to the real Harry and treats him the way he deserves. How does this change them both and those around them?

    Title: Can you keep a Secret?
    Authors: kusanobabe05 [kusanosakura] and socia0307
    Pairing: DracoxHarry, implied RonxHermione,
    Fandom : HP
    Notes: Compatible up to the bathroom scene between Draco and Harry in Half-blood Prince- minus the Ginny interest. After that is completely AU…
    Warning: drarry gets rather aggressive so be warned.

    Title: Bound to you
    Pairing: DracoxHarry, SeamusxColin, AdrianxNeville Fandom : HP
    Notes: A potions master brews a potion that gives wizards a permanent womb and doses three bent wizards without their consent. He chooses each; a pure-blood, a half-blood and a Muggle-born to test the potion. [No Voldy- Voldy died on October 31, 1981. He didn't reach the heights of terror in this universe. Dursleys and Sirius killed by Death Eaters ] Harry- reserve seeker, Draco- a clerk, Seamus- Auror in training, Colin- photographer, Adrian- Healer, Neville- Mind Healer. Dumbly/Ron/Ginny-bashing.

    Title: Cherish

    Pairings: RemusxSeverus only for now more pairings in later chs.

    Fandom: HP

    Genre: AU, nonmagic

    Rating: PG-13/T for two guys kissing.

    Notes: don't kill me if you hate it… it's my first real attempt at an AU non magic HP fic series.

    -Coming Soon-

    Title: Hogwarts Chronicle
    Pairing: DracoxHarry, twincest, OliverxPercy, RemusxSeverus, CharliexBlaise, past JamesxLily, past one-sided SiriusxRemus,
    Fandom : HP
    Notes: Creature fic. The Chronicles of Hogwarts. Forward by Hogwarts Sorting Hat

    Title: Of Phoenixfyre

    Pairing: Future SeverusxDracoxHarry

    Summary: Harry returns to Hogwarts after retrieving a locket from the cave with a dying Albus Dumbledore. They return to find the Dark Mark and Death Eaters in Hogwarts. Harry draws on his magic and the core of his wand to rid the world of Voldemort and his servants. However with that comes a price, will it prove to be to high or will the price be worth the cost?

    Title: A sacrifice in the name of Love

    Pairing: central DracoxHarry, mentions of past HarryxGinny, implied BlaisexNeville and SeamusxGeorge


    Summary: Draco has been hiding out in the Room of Requirement since his return from winter holidays his Seventh Year. When Harry steps into the Room of Requirement Draco finally makes a choice that will change his life. He turns his back on everything to be a person he can die proud of being. He swears an oath to Harry Potter. The ripples of that choice will affect those near and far.

    Title: How to save a life

    Pairing: HarryxDraco

    Fandom: HP


    Summary: Non-Epilogue compliant post-Battle of Hogwarts fic. WWW Partner Harry Potter is attacked by unknown persons and left for dead. He creates a portkey to take himself, Andromeda and Teddy to a place of Safety. Single parent Draco Malfoy is living quietly out of the politics of the Post-Second Wizarding war. Together can they give each other the happiness they’ve been missing?



    --Gundam Wing Fics--

    Title: Living in a dream
    Pairing: 1 X 2 main,
    Notes: I don't own GW obviously, I only clan to own the plot and the original characters...
    This is an AU fic if you didn't guess- all the 'boys' are older...early to mid-twenties and are at University for varying reasons. Some people who are alive in the series I have kept alive for varying reasons and others are just dead. I've taken liberties with back stories so don't get upset with non-canon ideas.

    Title: The angel and the lost one
    Fandom: Gundam Wing
    Pairing: 1x2, implied 3x4 and 5xPo
    Rating: NC-17
    Notes: Takes place after EW and Episode Zero…canon universe. Heero wants Duo…Relena wants Heero…Duo…thinks he’s lost the ‘perfect soldier’ forever…

    --Naruto Fics--

    Title: Flying Sakura- bad pun I know… Gomen..
    Fandom: Naruto
    Pairing: Narusaku
    Rating: NC-17

    Title: Hikaru no Yume- Light's dream
    Fandom: Naruto
    Pairings: narusaku, leesaku, sasuhina, narusasu, kibahina, shikatema, gaaino, kakakure and nejiten. But Narusasu is main...
    Rating: NC-17 in places
    Notes: This is a rewrite of a Johnny's Entertainment/Naruto fic...I don't know if it's any good. Everything is topsy turvev...

    --Dragon Ball Z--

    Title: Desire and preservation
    Rating: M for lemon moments
    Pairings: VegetaxGoku, Mirror TrunksxGohan, Chibi TrunksxGotan,

    Notes: At nearly Forty-four Vegeta muses about being Saiyan, then his son Trunks shows up from another timeline. The arrival changes teh relationships between important members of the Z-fighters and their families.

    --Yu Yu Hakusho--

    Title: To love the Mazaku
    Pairing: YusakexKoenma
    Notes: Koenma has always had an attraction to Urameshi Yusuke...he made him a Spirit Detective to keep an eye on him. What happens when Yusuke sees teenage Koenma? How will the Three Worlds react if they realize Koenma finally has a weakness?

    --Lord of the Rings--

    Title: Of Iron and Steel
    Pairing: Mostly Legolas/Gimli. If you don't like it don't read. Perhaps side pairings if you squint...
    Rating: M in later chapters.
    Notes: I own nothing but the plot...the characters belong to a member of the Inklings, J.R.R. Tolkin and his estate/publishers. I mean no offense...I write as I see it. The friendship between Legolas and Gimli seems far from platonic to me...

    --Bloody Monday--

    Title: The Beast emerges from the Land
    Fandom: Drama
    Pairing: FujimaruxOtoya
    Notes: Takes places two years after Bloody Monday season 2 and four years after season 1. I've been toying with the idea of this for a while...

    Really I have too many ongoing fics here...oh well, you should see my lj fic lists...migraine...

    Lols, I hope you like these...


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