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    Hello! I’m an Australian  twenty something with too much time on her hands, not much direction in life and a lack of anything resembling “employment.” I also have this thing called Autism spectrum disorder, née Asperger’s syndrome. It’s kind of awesome, and kind of sucks, it depends on the time of day.


    I like to write, to draw, and to do nerdy stuff, like play videogames, tabletop games, and read fanfiction. I actually have a degree in art now (though one thing I have learned is that having a degree in art does not make one an artist, very expensive lesson there) and though I draw regularly I fear my art will never be of a saleable calibre, so I’m going back for another degree now while I continue my quest to find this mythical treasure called “a job.”


    In the meantime, I write stuff. I’m actually trying to write professionally, or at least to self publish. I think I’m not half bad at it, and it’s something I can do alongside my study. I also have a long running piece of original fiction called Mix Beer With Liquor and You Will Get Sicker, though, I have learned a lot about writing craft since I began that particular bit of fiction, both from it and after the fact. It’s not that bad, but, these days I’m actually kind of embarrassed by those first couple of chapters. We live and learn, and I love those characters too much to abandon them without a proper ending. 


    My main presence online is on AO3, though I have recently created a tumblr blog which can be found at please forgive me as I am very new to the blogging platform and it may take me a while to figure it out. I also have accounts on AFF and deviant art. My Deviantart account has been rather inactive since I changed degrees, but I do check on it every now and again, if only to look at other peoples pretty art. My AFF account is more of a legacy these days, this was where I first posted MBWLAYWGS and it’s only fair I finish posting it. Either tumblr, or  AO3 should be the best places to contact me if you want to chat.


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