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    Hi. Sooooooo? God I never know what to right in these damn things. Anyway, I write fanfics. Well duh. I do het and I am trying my hand at yaoi. I've got these ideas floating around and they just might find their way here. I don't update a whole lot so don't expect much. Anyways I absolutely LOVE Dragonball Z, however I must say that the Abridged Series by TeamFourStar has forever ruined it for me because I can't stop giggling when I watch the original. But I love those guys. So I write DBZ fics. Though I have ONE Ouran fic in the works it will be angsty and such but also a little fluffy and hopefully kind of humorous. I also have other fics in the works besides the four written on here. examples: Like You Hate Me - Goku/Vegeta pairing. Fireflies - Vegeta/Goku gender bender which I might make into a three part series. Sunflowers - Goku/Piccolo because you never see these two. When the Moon Calls - Vegeta/Gohan. Gohan will be underage in this one. New Toy - Vegeta/Goku/Nelfie threesome one shot. If people feel so inclined they can review and if I am convinced it may be a couple more chapters long. if you have any questions about my fics you can review them or email me at

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