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    September 23rd, 2018

    The Naneko Chronicles is finally complete!

    If you are so interested, there are 4 more stories coming but they will not be as graphic as Naneko. At least with the ideas I have written down right now, they won’t be as graphic as Naneko.


    About me:

    I live in MInnesota.
    I’m not much of a writer to be honest. Especially not an adult content writer. I rarely read; it’s been quite some time since I read any sort of story/book (online or otherwise). I’ve been told that reading frequently and being able to leave feedback actually can help you if you ever have your own writer’s block; maybe not always, but it helps.

    I am an anime fan, but that passion started to trickle until probably 2010. I think I had over saturated myself in the community and became less enthused about new projects being released. Since then, I know a lot of great shows have been released, I just don’t prioritize anime or manga like I used to.

    _____________________________________________ ABOUT NANEKO

    A little about the story - the succubus, Naneko, is based off a friend's personality....all the way down to the pairing. xD Naneko's story started off as a joke on the drive to an anime convention called SugoiCon & once we got back, I was asked to write. Naneko's story was initially supposed to be a PWP one shot that ended up turning into a 17,000 word short. Haha The muse simply would not permit me to just straight up write the nitty-gritty with these two and instead, created a backstory. 

    Which actually worked out perfectly as, again - as a joke, Naneko’s story segues seamlessly into another story also based on a friend’s personality. 


    ______________________ ABOUT TSUKI

    Tsuki was a case of misinterpretting a text conversation. xD Whether on accident or on purpose I'll never know. Throughout her story, the overall theme kept changing and turned into something that original person didn't ask for but still enjoyed. She was supposed to be an entry for NaNoWriMo 2 years ago, but she wasn't finished until earlier this year. Overall I'm satisfied and hope she gets just as much love as Naneko.


    ______________________ Other things

    Are all my stories OC related? No - again, I don't usually write. These just happen to be all OC fanfics for friends that inspired me to write a 5-part series to a show very near and dear to my fan girl heart.


    Anyways, enjoy! Thanks for swingin' by! 8DDD

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