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    I am always open to requests; however, I will not do character-bashing. Beyond that I pretty open. If you can please do be specific about what you want. The fewer details I have to fill in the easier and faster it can be done.

    Broadly speaking all stories here will be divided into three categories: Light, Dark and Demented.

    Light will have people having sex for fun and pleasure.

    Dark, as its name suggests, will feature stories that are more cruel in nature. Unhappiness and psychological issues will abound in these kinds of stories. A story with sex in it essentially.

    Demented is like Light. Only excessively weird. These stories will be happy, just with the stranger fetishes involved.

    Future Stories:

    Seras's Fantasies –Seras masturbating to characters that don't get much 'panel time'

    Reverse – Seras watches Pip and Integra conceive a child.

    Depths of Depravity – Anonelbe's request. Seven chapters. Seras's introduced into the wonders of sex and slow gets more depraved. Mostly P/S, A/S in the last chapter.


    I also have a Hentai Foundry account, named Chris-Stork, . Another story, The Slutification of Seras, is posted there. It's more exploitative than what I normally write, but it's the most popular Hellsing story there.

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