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    Hello out there, fellow Inuyasha fans!

    My name is Rhiannon Archer, and I've been writing Inuyasha fanfiction since the summer of 2005, although I was exclusively on the site mediaminer.org until their major crash back in November of 2010, which finally got me off my butt (figuratively speaking, at least) with regard to spreading my wings and posting my stories on more than one site. Don't keep all your eggs in one basket, right? So now, while you can still find me over on mediaminer I'm also here, as well as fanfiction.net.

    My specialty is definitely Inu/Kag romance, both Canon and AU, although I will occasionally branch out into other pairings or story settings, including yaoi, as well as Inu/Kag fluff with no sex at all.

    I'm mainly putting my more hardcore stories on this site, the only story without sex posted here being Basic Instinct because of its hardcore sequel and I wanted you all to be able to read the first story so the sequel would make sense, so if you would be interested in reading more stories from me that don't have graphic sex scenes I recommend you also check out my account over on FF or MM. 

    Actually, my MM page would probably be worth checking out either way, because I presently have some stories over there that I've yet to transfer onto either FF or AFF and so they are currently only available to read on MM, one of which is my pride and joy, Mating Season, which is my one BIG major epic tale that took over two years to write and is 100 chapters long. While I may eventually load it on this site I have no idea if or when I'd ever actually get around to it. So check me out on MM!

    You can also always shoot me a direct e-mail if you can't find one of my stories and would like me to send you the link, or for any other reason whatsoever, if you wanted to ask me any other kind of question, or just say hi. :-) My e-mail address is splendentgoddess@aol.com

    You can now also hit me up on Twitter if you want! My Twitter handle is @SplendentSweven

    But wait, there's more! (Do I sound like an infomercial?)

    I have also now branched out into the wonderful world of eBook publication for Kindle, via Amazon! So far I have two novellas, one novelette and now one full novel published with Amazon, under the author name Rhiannon Archer. My current eBooks are all 'original' recreations of Inuyasha fanfics, the first of which, Love at First Bite, has since been deleted from MM and AFF because I opted for KDP Select which gives Amazon exclusive digital rights. If you've been wondering where Love at First Bite went, my apologies for having to remove it, but the good news is you can buy the new and improved version for only $2.99, or download it for free if you're a member of Kindle Unlimited! (And if you ask nicely, I can email you the original Inu/Kag version for free, since I still have it. It'll just be our little secret, so don't tell Amazon! Shhhhh...)

    My second published novella is an original version of The Ghosts of Suicide Forest, a no-sex paranormal friendship-rescue story centering on Kagome playing the hero that isn't on this site but is available to read on either MM or FF. I did not opt for KDP Select so its fanfiction counterpart will remain online. The same goes for my third eBook, which is an original version of Brotherly Love. I made enough minor changes that I think the eBook version is worth checking out even if you've already read the fanfic (it's only .99 cents!) but for those hardcore Inu/Sess fans out there, don't worry, the fanfic version of Brotherly Love isn't going anywhere. Last but certainly not least (and not last for long, either!) is my newest eBook, a full novel in the form of a converted Onigumo House which I broke up into chapters. Came out to 13 chapters! I did not do that on purpose! For those of you who don't know what story I'm talking about, Onigumo House is another no-sex fic (over on FF it's a LONG one-shot) and it was 2016's Halloween story. AU universe, a gruesome horror story featuring people getting brutally murdered by ghosts in a haunted house. Sounds like fun, right? The eBook conversion, renamed Blutinstein Manor, is only $2.99 (it's not in KDP Select either because there was no way I was going to take down the fanfiction counterpart) and is definitely worth reading even if you have already read the original version. 

    As I publish more eBooks in the future I will continue to update this message, so the information found within this profile is up-to-date. And don't worry, not all of my 'original' eBooks will just be rewrites of my Inuyasha fanfics. I just figured that some of my fics were so awesome they deserved to be shared with the rest of the world. I have plenty of completely original ideas, too, which will be going straight to Amazon and will not have Inuyasha counterparts, and of course will therefore be included in the KDP Select program and be available for free to anyone with Kindle Unlimited. To find my eBooks on Amazon you can search the Book category for either their titles, or under my name, Rhiannon Archer. Or just email me and I'll send you the links! And once again, if you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a line. :-)

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