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    I'm an amatuer artist with a major Sesshoumaru and Sephiroth fetish. My gods, they couldnt have created any sexier characters than that! Tall, silver long mane of hair, kick ass sword skills, not necessarily evil just too damn arrogant for their own good, and most of all OVERLY, DEVASTATINGLY gorgeous... *ahem* Any way a little about me... Your average geeky, romance addicted, smut loving, anime maniac, manga collecting female. I love the Sesshoumaru and Kagome FanFics more than anything...almost anything. I would say that, during my joining of AFF, most of my stories would revolve mostly around those two. I may post an InuYasha and Kagome FanFic here and there. But starting out on AFF...I have a hellova load of storytelling concerning Sesshy/Kags. I wanna write some FanFics concerning Sephiroth and another "female" character. Dont get me wrong I LOVE the YAOI based FanFics on here concerning that homicidal hunk. But I rarely see a posting of Sephiroth getting raunchy with a female or two. SO I guess it's up to me to put a few out there. Somewhere in the future. I have a full time job. I went to college for graphic design though I havent finished [>_>] But i will though next year. NO kids, dont really want any. No car but I DO have my own place. Im a gothic gal at heart and have been known to be off the wall and random at the weirdess of times and I wouldnt have myself any other way. I look forward to people reading and sharing the same points of view that I do regarding certain anime or manga series. It feels nice to know that I'm not the only one with that "I Wish This Happened This Way" or "Someone PLEASE Throw Some Smut In Between Those Two" symdrome.

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