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    Well my name is Aida aka Moonlight Vampiress. I'm currently 26 and I love writing yaoi, het, and yuri. I love many different animes and love to read/write fanfiction all the time. Most of my stories focus more on the actual romance and not just the smut in which I try not to add in if the moment isn't perfect or my crazy fangirl mind can't think of what to write for it. I will be posting some of my earlier stories here and I hope people will give me some constructive criticism on them as I know they are not the best and I have in fact improved in my writing even if it's just a bit. Well that is all about me for now. I will copy some of the stuff I have in my profile over here as well.


    I am still on FF(.)net under the same pen name Moonlight Vampiress. I have been writing some stories and continuing to work on my old stories as well. You can also find some of my stories on DA and gurabiteshiyon(.)net, the latter of which is a gravitation fanfiction site. I love yaoi and I love roleplaying yaoi. If you are very curious about a story or new things to expect then please look at my FF profile. If you have other questions about stories or perhaps wish to RP with me. Then you can contact me at: moonlightvampiress23(at)yahoo(dot)com Just please give the name of the story or where you are from in the subject. Anything without a subject will be deleted. As for RP, I prefer seke, though depending on plot will play seme or uke. I can also be found at the website listed above. Thanks.

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