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    Bonjourno! Konichiwa! Gruss Got! Goedendag and Goodday! I'm TheFlamingDictator. I am Dutch and a longtime reader of fanfiction on this beautiful site and full time anime/manga/music/computer and fan-fiction fan. For a very long time I wished that I could somehow contribute something back to the community. I have a... ehh... "unusual" (read: weird) mind when it comes to writing (if only it's because I can find inspiration at the weirdest times and I've got strange principles when it comes to stories).

    I'm not pleased with the level I am at right now, I still hope that my stories find an audience that finds joy/pleasure in whatever I write. I aspire to get better in my work. And for that I need an audience. I need people to tell me what they think and feel about my stories. And I welcome any kind of feedback that helps me to improve myself. I would appreciate it greatly if you would take the time to give me constructive criticism. Saying I just suck and should die, although some might see it as useful, doesn't actually help me in the long term. LOL

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