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    Hi! I've been reading fanfic for many years now and have only recently started writing again. I don't claim to be a very talented writer and would be the first to admit my grammar and spelling is less than up to par for what should be expected of public writing, but if you feel inclined to still read, then by all means I hope you enjoy it. Most of everything right now will be based on the manga/anime Prince of Tennis and the particular pairing Hiyoshi Wakashi & Kirihara Akaya since that's my main love at the moment. If you are also a fan of the pairing, please check out the LJ comm Gekokujyo_pair. If you want to take a look at some of my other writing as well, you can find it on my writing journal which is just a click away on the homepage link. There are also extra chapters posted there from my already in process works. Feel free to comment on whatever you like, but please be nice. Thank you!
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