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    I've been out of the loop for a couple of years. I had a very negative life experience and suffered from the aftermath for a few years. It killed my writing and much light in my life - I am struggling HARD to get back into fanfiction. I do have other stuff written and not published. I've promised the fans that have hung on I AM WORKING ON getting out there and updating chapters for fics that are hanging. Please be patient! I am a full time mother of a child with disabilities and college student. This will take me awhile to sort out because I have to re-read and edit my stories, to be congruent with the writer I am today. I love you all please be patient! I am always looking for a beta!

    (past journal write - still true)

    I am loving writing fanfic for Harry Potter, specifically SS/HG ship with some original content and characters. My work will vary but tends to be dark in nature. I love reviews, let me know what you think! If you like my story or want to discuss, please visit my Livejournal web page! (new) I also will pair Hermione with older male characters, once in awhile a female but generally as F/M/F and occasionally someone her age.

    You can also email at if you would like to volunteer beta services or would like to do a once-over and give suggestions on some of my work. Tips and constructive crits always welcome.

    New update 4/25/2020 - I don't post on this site anymore. I'm working on fiinishing my unfinished fics. You can find me on Ao3 with user name remarkable1, same name on FF dot net although I update much slower there. Ao3 is the place to be!


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