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    Hey I'm Suiren. A little about me: Name: Britt Age: 20 Gender: Female (^.^) Likes: Harry Potter, Inuyasha, Lord of the Rings, Naruto, Yugioh, Gravitation, and a lot of others. I like music, just about any. Mpreg stories. . . . Hobbies: Drawing, Reading fanfiction, music, anime, manga, and computer games. SEME!NARU SEME!INU TOP!HARRY ALL THE WAY I can't really explain it, but somewhere between 15 and 20 I just can no longer stand Uke!Naruto, Uke!Inuyasha, or Bottom/Submissive!Harry. I guess I just read that one really good story with them as top's that I couldn't go back. And Got pissed when I couldn't find that many good stories with them as Seme so it just fueled my dislike for them being bottoms. I understand now why, but now my mind is so one track that I can no longer stomach these three especially as main!bottoms in any story no matter how well done or true to the character. I am to the point where I don't even like switching, there are some that I like but not where these three are involved. I'm not big on BDSM especially most hardcore kind, but on occassion they are cool. I just like a specific top and specific bottom. Realistically I know that in real life homosexuals switch roles, but in my little fantasy world I like a specific top and bottom. Pairings I Like Harry Potter: In D/s order (Top!Bottom! FYI) HarryDraco (LOVE LOVE LOVE this pairing) HarryTheo (came across a story and I loved it) HarrySeverus (you can't judge me!) HarryLucius (so I'm twisted, get over it) RemusSeverusRemus (they can switch, though I'm a sucker for alpha Remus) SiriusSeverus (it's a small like) RonHermione (or should that be HermioneRon. . . Hmmm) NevilleLuna (this het pairing I love. . . it's also hilarious) BlaiseNevilleBlaise (eh. . .) BillNeville (I read a few and they were awesome) RonBlaise (relatively new like) Inuyasha: in D/s order InuyashaMiroku (this is my favorite) InuyashaSesshomaru (used to be my all time favorite Inuyasha pairing) InuyashaKouga (I like it when yasha puts the wolf in his place) InuyashaNaraku (sweet vengence. . . but only ever found one.) SesshomaruMiroku (heh heh heh) SesshomaruKouga (No comment) KougaSango (eh?) KougaMirokuKouga (hmm. . .) Naruto: in D. . . eh you should know by now NarutoSasuke (My first Naruto yaoi love) NarutoShino (found and absolutely adore) NarutoSai (gotta love it) NarutoNeji (eh. . they're cute) NarutoGaara (not to big a fan but whatever) NarutoShikamaru (Don't ask. . .) NarutoKiba (no idea) NarutoHaku (When he's actually a he!) NarutoHinata (best Het from Naruto) LeeGaara (They are odd but cute together) LeeTenten (make a good side pairing) LeeSakura (when she's older she's not annoying anymore) ShikamaruNejiShikamaru(genius love. . aw) ShikamaruTemari (They fit) KankuroKiba (eh. . I'll read it) KibaShinoKiba (The second Naruto Yaoi I came across, so yeah. . ) KakashiIruka (I love this pairing) ChojiIno (They would make a cute couple if Ino would stop being so shallow) Lord of the Rings: AragornLegolas (First one I came acrossed and fit) AragornFrodo (Humorous. . .) FrodoSamFrodo (eh. . )

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