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    SILVERWIND FARA, in real life called by her Christening name Emelie or nicknamed Em or Emmie, is a 32 year old woman from a small town in the north of Sweden. She is a daughter, a sister (the oldest of four), a wife, a mother of two and a cat-owner of three. Bisexual but happy and monogamous in her marriage to a man. She is also a choir-singer (music over-all means a lot to her), a web-designer a gamer-chick, a role-player, a weight watcher, a writer (with almost constant writer's block),a fanfiction-addict (She loves M/M but reads both M/F and F/F if she is in the mood) and a bookworm. She draws sometimes too but aren't that good and to be frank too lazy to actually sit down and practise - so she only has herself to blame. On the other hand she loves buying commissions of her characters from others. She likes doing Sudoku-puzzles and feels really intelligent when she manage to solve one. She loves going to yard-sales, flee-markets and second-hand-stores and often buys stuff on auctions on the internet, And yes she has some “shopaholic” tendencies, she admits that. Mostly she buys books or clothes. She loves dressing up and has her own unique style inspired by Harajuku and Japan in general, costume dramas, Disney-movies and fantasy. She loves fairies, angels, demons, dragons and vampires (even though the last one is kind of boring and mainstream nowadays). She also loves northern lights, rainbows, butterflies and roses. She has a thing for the occult and the supernatural and the mere thought of it fills her with delight mingled with terror. She really likes tattoos and has a tattoo on the inside of her right lower arm. She is planning to do at least three more on different parts of her body, even though making the one she has were the most painful thing she'd ever done (childbirth included – She had both nitrous oxide and epidural anaesthesia for that). She is a problem-child with a troubled past and an uncertain future. An angry and bitter woman with really low self-esteem and a list of medical conditions (Social phobia, OCD, depression and dyslexia among others) and random issues as long as Santa's naughty/nice-list. Due to this she has a hard time dealing with people in real life so she has most of her friends on different communities and instant message-clients online and spends a lot of time chatting to people all over the world. She tends to sulk and whine sometimes and wallow in self pity - but never for long. She is a perfectionist and her own worst critic. She tries to live by the golden rule and treat others the way she want to be treated herself (but sometimes it is really hard). She has kind of a Pippi Longstocking attitude to things sometimes and I guess according to some people she's a little insane. She will never “grow up”, sometimes that makes her a little sad but she is learning to accept it. She is addicted to coffee and gets cranky if she doesn't get her "fix" for the day. But still she's a kind, friendly, easily amused, romantic dreamer with her heart on her sleeve, her head in the clouds and an odd sense of humour. She has a vivid imagination and is great at make-believing. something which can be seen in the way her stories are spreading in all directions, more or less out of her control. She is passionate, compassionate and strong-willed, loyal to a fault, She'll do almost anything for the ones she loves – Her family, her friends, her pets.

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