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    My name is not Learia.. It is Stacey.  I am thirty years old and have been writing for quite some time now.  I'm all about my family.  If I'm not updating on my stories then I am busy with my two beautiful children.  I've been with the same man for 10 years, he is my one and only.  Marriage and motherhood requires a lot of my time, so be patient with me.  I love to sing.  Always going out singing with local bands.  Music has been apart of my life ever since I was born.  I've written many songs.  I am also an artist.  Drawing seems to calm me and gives me inspiration.  

    Currently I am working on Forbidden Passions.  It is about a vampire slayer, Evelyn, falling in love with a master vampire named Malderon.  They go through many hardships.  And the evil hybrid, Draven takes everyone she ever loved away from her, abuses her, takes her from her vampire love.  He wants her for himself, but also has a plan, wicked and deceitful, up his sleeve. 

    Knight Angel is on hiatus for now.  Not really sure where I want that story to go.  Writer's block for sure..lol.

    So, I hope you all enjoy my work.  Please, leave positive feedback.  There is no sense in being rude.  If you think any of my stories need work, tell me.  Thanks.  

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