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    Hello I'm Ariie, I'm dyslexic and I like to write about vampires that love cake, Alpha's with bossy mates and occasionally someone ends up murdered. It's generally for a good reason too.

    Story Removal

    UPDATE 9/25/2014

    Hey guys, due to someone taking my work I had removed chapters 11-37 of Luca's Wolf Coven. I've decided to repost it because it's not fair to everyone else that just because someone was rude, others shouldn't get to enjoy my story. So while I'm doing that I've decided to go over the chapters and make some changes. If it's a big change I'll put it in an note. I will continue posting for the rest of the Wolf Coven Series as well so no worries about Seducing Lou~

    I have my work posted either  on Fiction Press, or, and Gay Authors. Org and no other places. If you see my work posted anywhere else, despite the fact it's my penname please let me know.

    Thank You.

    12/12/2014 Notice!

    There's a chance I won't have internet from 13-27th so if no updates come that's why.




    Mika's Pack -Complete

    Complete~ Chapter 1-10 Edited

    11-15 Unedited

    Luca's Wolf Coven [Complete]

    Chapters 1-14 Edited by Wolfluv

    Chapters 14-37 Unedited

    Mika's Pup [Complete]

    1-5 Unedited


    Currently in Progress:

    *Note if it's not listed here as a WIP then that means I haven't started it.

    Seducing Lou

    Chapters 1-5 Unedited

    Chapter 6 - 15%

    Lafayette's Chance

    Chapter 1- Unedited

    Dirk's Bishop

    1-2 Unedited

    Chapter 3 - WIP

    Wolf Coven What Ifs-

    Chapter 1-2 Unedited

    Chapter 3 - WIP


                                                                                Wolf Coven Series


    2. Luca's Wolf Coven

    Luca never planned on having a coven. He certainly never planned on taking care of a shifter pack. But that's exactly what he's doing. Being forced back in the paranormal world after nearly five centuries he's not ready to take on both a coven and a pack. To make matter worst he finds his self meeting with the wolf council where he finds his mate...who doesn't want him.

    Dominic thought when he found his mate it'd be the happiest day of his life. He didn't count on it being a vampire. Let alone a vampire prince. He doesn't want the man but he can't help the jealousy he feels when he sees him hanging off another man. And doesn't help he can't seem to keep his lips off him.


    3. Mystic's Fairy

    Mystic could say for certain this was by far the worst scenario he had ever found himself in. No memory of the past week. Naked, No clue as to where he was and let's not forget the man in bed with him or the pain in his lower back.

    4. Leon's Demon

    Leon liked to think he wasn't a bad person. So when he helped the lost demon spawn get home he didn't expect to be pulled into a house of huge towering demon warriors. Two of which have every intention of fucking him into oblivion.

    5.Lafayette's Chance

    .Lafayette never expected to find his mate when he went to the hospital. He didn't expect for his mate to be a wolf either but he can't say that he minds. The small blond has just been through a traumatizing event and he's not ready to trust yet. But Lafayette plans to change that he just hope his mate won't reject him.

    6.Seducing Lou and Capturing Adrian (Sin/Lou) (Cy/Adri)

     Lou should have known nothing good would ever come of sleeping with an Incubus. Now the demon won't leave him alone. But that's the least of his worries with someone killing of Sinclair's lovers. And he seems to be next on the list.

    Sinclair didn't know why someone was suddenly killing off his ex-lovers but he knew he had to protect his pretty vampire whatever the cost. Even if it meant kidnapping him. But first he has to get around the annoying older brother.

    Adrian hated that incubus going after his brother and tried his best to keep the two separated. His plans however seemed to thwarted at every turned by the annoyingly attractive white haired demon.

    Cylis had never met such an intriguing individual such as Adrian. The man was bratty, possessive and temperamental. He certainly needed a firm hand to guide him and Cylis thought he was just the man for the job. The vampire had captured his attention it was only fair if he captured him in return.~

    7.Liam's Psychic

    Constantine was cute, smart, loving and completely clueless.

    8.Raven's Laughter

    Being sent to monitor the new vampire Alpha, Tater didn't expect much. He certainly didn't expect for his mate to run right into his arms.

    9.Sunshine's Darkness

    When Mystic told him"You're getting a tattoo." He really should have known better. But then again who ever knew Unicorns came in punk?

    10. The Doctor's In

    Marcus's story.

    11. Mika's Pups- short Story

    Lovel couldn't be more happy to be having his very own kids. He's always wanted them, but with his sexuality he had given up hope at ever having some to call his own. Now he just has to get through Mika's food cravings and mood swings and everything will be fine....he thinks.

    (??). Alixceil the Dragon's Treasure (Not Kailan's Story)

    12. Ellis's Feral

    Ellis hadn't ever thought he'd find his mate.

    13.Valentine's Love

    Finding his mate had been like punch in the stomach that left butterflies dancing around inside of him. Finding out his brother was still alive had been like being hit with a truck. Finding out his brother hated his mate? Ripped his heart out.

    14. Biel's Detective

    Returning to his father's side Serabiel hadn't expected much. Especially not the cocky detective he now called his mate. He doesn't know much about the man but there's one thing for sure;darkness inside the man is just addictive.

    Bride's Man

    Bride had a few secrets of her own starting with the fact she wasn't really a she.

    Dmitri's Insanity

    When his ex-mate's brother starts calling him. He ignores him. When he shows up at the door pleading for his help, he throws him out. When he's finally forced to listen and the true circumstances of their shattered bond is revealed. Roman has a choice. Help the man that nearly completely destroyed him. Or let him die.

    Elijah's Love

    Elijah didn't remember much of his past life. But he remembered his love. And he remembered his betryal.


    *Note some characters have yet to be introduced.

    There I've been holding out on you all! Now you know my secret! Summaries are subjected to changes because I haven't fully plotted them out. If theres some one else you want to see with a side story let me know. They will be added as I think of them.

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