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    My penname here is Athey.  On some other sites is Athy, or Aya Macchiato.  I'm nearing 30, I have two kids and am married.  I'm a production 3d artist, working for a video game studio, and I write in my freetime to relieve stress.  What this really means is that as far as I'm concerned, writing is my happy place and whenever I start to lose interest in a story or it starts getting stressful, I have no qualms about dropping the story and moving on.  Writing is for me and not for anyone else, and thus, I'm not willing to let myself feel guilty or stressed over not finishing things for other people's sakes.  What this equates to is my not finishing things.  

    Since I don't finish things, I don't post most things on the internet.  The only exception is my Yahoo group, where I have uploaded *most* of my stories.  If you are willing to accept that the stories listed there will never be finished, feel free to join and download them.

    Also - if you want to be notified whenever I update a fic I have posted here on affnet, join my yahoo group - I post notices on there whenever I update here.


    My penname on is aya macchiato

    My penname on Archive of our Own is Athy

    My username on deviantart is Athey

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