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    What is there to say about me? I read manga, watch anime and occasionally write fanfics.I also indulge in roleplaying games. No, not video games. Real role-playing games. You know, tabletop games that involve books, paper, pen, pencils and dice. Good enough for those curious, right? Fine, fine. For those even more curious, I've been a member of the FFML for over a decade now, as well as the Fanfiction Forum (since 2008 Feb) and the Fanfiction Federation (since 2009 Aug). Joined a few group fics such as the ancient and long dead Revenge End. I've also been known to indulge on Gaia Online for the avatar arts and zOMG. I also can be found on the Exalted Compendium Redux and the 'Exalted' PbP forum. Under different usernames, of course. There you go. More information about me. I should also note that reviews, along with constructive comments and criticisms are always welcomed. Feel free to tell me I suck, but at least do me the courtesy of telling me why and what could make fix it or make it better. Trust me, this is better for me as a writer in the long run.

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