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    -waves shyly- Er, hi. I don't know why you're here, but since you are .. a few things about me: My name is Tsu. I write smut. Mostly yaoi smut. I get distracted easily. I'm very critical of my own work. I start things and have a tendency to leave them for months before I actually finish them. I'm a Final Fantasy addict. Did I mention that I get distracted easily? That being said .. I write mainly for the FFVII and VIII fandoms, but I may end up submitting some of my old AkuRoku porn just for the hell of it. It was a fairly large part of my life for two years, and I feel bad for leaving it behind. Um .. I'm really awkward with writing things about myself, so .. review if you wanna? I always like to know what people think. My other accounts: FFnet - uruwashii uso dA - uruwashiiuso LJ - uruwashii_uso MangaBullet - Tsu Y!Gallery - TwistedFirestarter

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