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  • Urge -:- by Sasunarufan13 -:- Updated : September 12, 2022 12:54 am
    Content Tags : COMPLETE MM OC Oneshot Other
    Sakura draws unbased conclusions. Sasuke wants to create the perfect place for him and his mate. Naruto just wants to know where his favourite blankets went. Sequel to Instinct

  • The Fox, the Hound and the Virus -:- by SnowFlight -:- Updated : September 12, 2022 8:39 pm
    Content Tags : Anal Anthro BP MiCD MM WIP Dubious Consent Knotting Biting
    More than one person predicted a virus that would destroy the human race. It’s just that people didn’t quite predict how. Society got bored with viruses on the tail of Covid-19. This new virus seemed harmless until people started dying on mass and survivors became something more. This virus mutated past what anyone could have expected. Now those infected have starting hunting those who weren't. For Will and his sister Zoe, survival was already complicated. They have to keep their own secret hidden until they can find somewhere safe to call home. If there is anywhere safe left in the world.

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