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    My full name is 'Mick Gesitt of the Mountain' which is an anagram for my real name but that's a mouth-full so I usually just go by MickGesitt.

    I'm a reader that's been here for several years now. I rarely use my actual account and usually just review stories without logging in. But I finally decided to actually put something on my profile page.

    I'll happily admit that I'm twenty-five and I still watch cartoons. Why settle for the restriction of basing something in real-life when you can see the seemingly impossible in a cartoon? That's what I love about fantasy stories, the potiential is limitless.

    I try to read stories that are well written and where the author has a firm grasp on the characters of the original series. I'm here to read about my favorite characters in sexy situations that you won't find in canon. I'm also a big fan of comedy so if an author can work in  humor - that's in good taste - with their sex I'll enjoy it even more.

    When I review a story, its usually a long thought-out review. I'll never review with something like "That's hot! Keep going!" If I'm going to bother writing a review then I'm going to make sure that I express my opinion properly.

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