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    I'm over twenty years old. I write fanfiction and I write on this site as well as and AO3. I mainly read Harry Potter fics, but will read Digimon, Avatar: Last Airbender, and Pokemon. My couples I like are: Harry/Hermione (Harry Potter) Mainly any coupling of Harry except for Harry/Ginny. I hate that couple. The same goes for Hermione/Ron. Will mainly have Harry and Hermione together with other girls added with Ginny as a maybe in those ones. Tai/Sora (Digimon) TK/Kari (Digimon). Naruto with pretty much any girl except Sakura really. I don't hate her, just indifferent to her. Won't do many Naruto/Hinata since that's another couple really overused.

    I will not write anything with anal in it. I have nothing against it it's just I don't care to write it. There will also be no M/M at all. Also I will not write and Hermione/Snape, Hermione/Malfoy (Draco & Lucius) or any Hermione/Death Eaters though I may bend my rules on this one if I get an idea that I want to write. But definitely no Hermione with Lucius or Draco. I feel there are too many out there for me too even add my own. Plus I am a Harry/Hermione fan first and foremost. Though I am now expanding my scope woth Harry being paired with different girls. Padma and Daphne are two of my favorites as well as Penelope Clearwater and the three Chasers.

    I am accepting all ideas for my series Brainy Girls, Ketchum's Girls, and Kunoichi. Please leave them either in a review here or PM me on my account on Either works for me. Please be as detailed as possible with your suggestions and/or ideas. The more you give me the more I can work with.

    6/9/12-Due to the purge of all M rated things I've had to remove my works that don't go with it. I am hoping to publish on this site.

    11/23//12-I've added writing Naruto stories to my list. I am also now going to be posting all my M/smut work on this site. If you want to read my non M/ smut work go to My pen name there is sheltie.

    8/29/14-Okay, I know this is really late telling you all this, but you can find more of my M work on AO3 under my pen name sheltie1987. I have also discontinued my Percy Jackson series too. But I'll be posting individual PJ stories that would've gone into the series since I didn't want to waste what I've been working on before I ended the series.

    12/13/14-I plan on adding in all the stories that I have posted on my AO3 account to this site, but that will be an on-going process.

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