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    Writer of histories, teller of tales.
    I tell of the lives of the people in my mind, so that their stories might be be known by all in this world who would see. I like to think I'm quite skilled.  What I write here, however, will be no such thing. It will not be professional, nor polished, nor even, likely, very good... it will be the scattered scribbles that I scrawl when I am taken by a certain mood that drives me; making me put my pen to paper to paint the pictures that are racing through my mind a pace to match my pulse and breath which always quicken and do not allow the time to stop and iron out the piece.

    Predominantly, that means smut. In particular, short smutshots, from all manner of genre, encased in what will likely appear to be a thinly veiled excuse for the ensuing adult content.  Even so, I'm always seeking the betterment of my writing, convinced as I have been by those people dear to me: I place here these sweaty scribblings, now, for all the world to see. 

    As such I welcome all who come to read these stories tall, and pass comment upon each racy, fevered line. If it's in you to review, and critique me, then please do, for I dearly love to see the view that others take upon these words of mine; If you can speak up, I beg please do, and tell me all your thoughts of these heated and erotic notes I pen from time to time

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