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    Not much to say here but that I write male slash, and I like it :P. I thank everyone who takes the time to read my stuff and even comment or rate it. The support I’ve gotten is just invaluable.

    Some people have commented on stories I’ve taken down. Call it a crisis of faith –  when I think a story isn’t good enough, I feel it distracts from the stories I’m more proud of, it eats away at me. It’s my own insecurity. I’ve taken down Ruin and A Fair Exchange, but I love the ideas in both stories, and do intend on re-vamping and re-posting them some day. (On a side note, years ago I wrote I dozen or so Harry Potter fics, which I’ve also since removed, including a Chirstmas narry fic called ‘Mistletoe’ that I still get questions about every now and then).


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