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    Hi there! :::... waves ...:::: Thanks for visiting my profile!

    Well... honestly this isn't 'my' profile anymore sadly. You see, those that run and moderate this site found out that 'my' stories weren't really mine. As it turns out I stole them from someone else. Really, I shouldn't have done that I know but I couldn't resist! It was so much fun to make you all think I had written this stuff and the praise I got from the reviews really helped my poor, underfed ego boost a bit. 

    But, alas, it wasn't meant to last, unfortunately. Some sharp-eyed reader recognized what I had done then reported me to the site who took action. So sad for me, isn't it? Well, as a result of that the moderators and admins took over my account and I have been added to their Hall of Shame for my little stunt. Well doesn't that just suck donkey donuts for me? But, on the other hand, you good folks on AFF are now safe from one more vermin that likes to slither in and steal your work before posting it up as their own. 

    Just goes to prove that takes idiots like me who steal from other authors seriously and will make sure we are handled in the appropriate way! Good for them but so sad for me...

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