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    Let's see. I am XX years old, and female. That's about all I'm willing to put in a public profile, but ask me a question and I'll probably answer ;) Current Projects: To Freedom: Prequel/character back story to the main character in the sequel to Silver Eyes. Does not need to be read to understand the sequel, as it is dark and disturbing. I am writing this as a writing/character development challenge to myself, and it will be vastly different from the other two stories. You have been warned. Current status: On chapter 13/15, 70% done Into the Dark: Alex prefers to spend his time immersed in his books rather than his boring, lonely life. He often wishes that he could have an exciting life like the characters in his stories. Too bad he forgot about the saying 'be careful what you wish for' Current status: On Chapter 8/18 - 0% done Tribal Relations: Despised by his own tribe, Keil's life only gets worse when he's captured by a neighbouring enermy tribe and mistaken for a female. He is forced to hide his true gender in hopes of escaping and returning home. Current Status: On Chapter 10/18 - 30% done All titles are tentative for upcoming work Sequel to Silver Eyes(Tentative Title - Finding Home) Current status: total story about 20% done Faye: Faye was raised and used from childhood to be a pleasure slave for the nobility. When he's unexpectedly bought and then given his freedom, he's unsure what to do with his new life. About 10% done Crash and Burn: When playboy Bryant is woken up by something crashing onto the roof of his apartment building, he doesn't expect the culprit to be his doppelganger. Especially when that doppelganger isn't from this planet. (Yes, I did the alien fic) On Chapter 2/? - 40% done Chasing Reflections - challengefic for Paradox13. Per the request ' A man who is in love with his reflection (A total rip off of Narcissus). Anyway, I thought that it would be a good story to have his reflection come to life and be just as enamored with him.' *evil grin* I plan to have a lot of fun with this one! Fanfiction stories: Calamity's Child - Sephiroth may have failed, but Hojo always had a backup plan. (The obligatory FFVII mpreg fic) On chapter 6/? - 40% done Upcoming Fanfiction Final Fantasy VII: Tentative Title 'Best Laid Plans' - Hojo is dead, but things aren't necessarily better. An AU 'what if' had Genesis killed Hojo during Crisis Core About 20% done at 45K... A Zack/Reno then Cloud/Reno after A/C fic - romance/drama, though real plot will probably develop. Time fic (tentative title "Loveless" - Out of selfish guilt, Genesis goes back to try and make things better Gen-fic On chapter 2/5 - 20% done An AU where Zack and Cloud don't go to Nibelheim with Sephiroth. Will most likely end up being Zack/Cloud. Final Fantasy VIII "whoops" - Rinoa, feeling bad about the love spell she had accidentally cast on Squall, decides to make things right by finding someone for him to love - of course, things never go as planned. Saiyuki - sequel to "letting go" wherein Gojyo pursues the grumpy monk. And attempts to not get shot. This may be drawn out into a trilogy, depends on the response I get to the sequel. Notes on completing stories: I will complete them. But I do have a life. And unfortunately work. If I go too long without updating, poke me a bit and I'll start writing again. I do however, have to go with my muse. He likes striking at very inopportune times. Additional note - I had such a fun time writing the Secret Santa story that I want to do more challenges - if you want me to write a challenge fic, just let me know. Be as creative as you want and I'll do my best to give you the story you want. :)
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