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    I have been writing fanfiction for over 19 years now off and on. (Wow, I feel old....) Anyway, I started out writing Sailor Moon and then moved onto other fandoms as time went on. I sometimes forget about this username on, but I promise to do better and get more of my fics up here for everyone's reading pleasure. Also, if you have time, you can go to my own website and find all my fics there as well. Heh... All reviews will be replied to on my Dreamwidth journal, Just search for the fic that you reviewed, and you'll probably find it! ^_^

    Fic progress as of 3 July, 2019
    Here But For the Grace of Merlin (HP) - Chapter 20 posted, Chapter 21 in progress
    The End Shall Come And We Will Dance Forever (HP) - Chapter 29 posted, chapter 30 in progress
    Sigillum Diaboli (New HP) - Chapter 3 posted, Chapter 4 in progress
    Dead in the Water (New GW/Sookie Stackhouse) - Chapter 6 in progress, Chapter 5 posted
    Star Trek Gundam (GW/ST fusion) - Episode 11 posted, Episode 12 currently filming. ~^
    You Want Me To Be What? (HYD) - Chapter 6 posted, Chapter 7 in progress
    Other stories have either be shelved for the time being or are being reviewed to make better.

    Intervention has been translated into Russian!

    What to Get a Malfoy has been translated into Chinese!

    The End Shall Come And We Will Dance Forever has been translated into Czech!

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