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    I post here because I was informed by some readers of other popular ff sites (that shall remain nameless), via their reviews, that writing a sex scene out in full is revolting. Instead. I should just put the word Ďlemoní to imply this. Sorry, not my style, without bodies slapping, boobs bouncing and bodily fluids being shot into pussies or asses; a sex scene just isnít a sex scene. Lemons: a yellow citrus fruit good for fighting off scurvy, but not much else. I am lemonhead, anyone who doesn't like that can go suck a lemon. I'm not the Porn Queen, that honour goes to RichOnyx from FF, I am merely the Porn Lady-In-Waiting I also publish under the name Obsidians on The stories are much different there, they are well, kind of sappy and called cute, but still contain lemons. I use this site for when I am in a more evil writing mood. I have published Southern Vampire Mysteries in the past and Inuyasha and now Ranma 1/2

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