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    I'm a writer. I think that's the most important part of the introduction. Instead of saying something about me, I'll tell you something about my views on fanfiction and writing.

    I mainly write yaoi (slash) but I will occasionally write a little bit of het (heterosexual) or yuri. The anime I most love writing about is Inuyasha and my favourite pairing is SesshoumaruInuyasha (Sesshoumaru is seme. Always.)

    I took the SemeUke test on the wonderful website SemeUke.com and got this result _

    You are a Sadistic Seme!
    It takes a special kind of uke to appreciate the punishment you dish out. Making them beg for mercy is what you're all about. You give your uke the gift of pain, and the louder their moans are, the more satisfied with the relationship you'll be. It's no fun if they don't struggle, and struggle and torture is what the Dramatic Uke, your perfect match, lives for.

    Most compatible with: Dramatic Uke

    The most debated issue in fanfiction writing, I think, is reviews. Yes, it's true that good writers don't write for reviews. Yes, it's not right to threaten readers with abandoning stories to get reviews (I believe the term used by AFF moderators is "review whore". ) But it's also true that nobody does anything for nothing. If your boss at your job stopped paying you or if there was no point to you writing exams and getting good grades, would you still do the same thing you are doing right now? Even professional writers get contracts and continue writing depending on the response they get from their readers. And fanfiction writers are mostly amateurs aiming to be professionals or just writing for fun. Reviews are a writer's paycheck; if you want them to write something or not write something or make changes or just continue as they are going, you review. How will they know what you think, otherwise?

    And I, for one, am all for flames. There is nothing wrong with good, old fashioned criticism when it's warranted. Every reader has the right to criticize a writer's writing if they don't like it. It doesn't matter how many reviews they have got or how many people love that particular work; if you don't like it, you should have a right to say so. AFF is very strict about these things and you might get your account suspended if you flame, so we have to refrain on this website. But it's my personal opinion that readers should get to throw metaphorical tomatoes and rotten eggs if you hate our work. If any of you have any strong negative reactions to any of my writing, feel free to email me.

    I have personally never flamed a writer but I have given constructive criticism. To those who have or do get offended by negative reviews: If you want feedback on your work, there are bound to be negative things along with the positive. Take it in the right spirit and use it to improve. Feedback implies negative and positive both; readers are under no obligation to shower you with praises, though we may if we like the story enough.

    I have only one rule: I WILL NOT PAY ATTENTION TO CRITICISM OF THE CONTENT OF ANY STORY. You can tell me if the writing is crappy but you cannot tell me what I should and shouldn't write about. No topic is taboo; as long as appropriate warnings are up, do not create a ruckus about what should and should not be written. For example, I am completely and utterly against Sesshoumaru being written as an uke, but if the story is well-written and the relationship is written convincingly, it's a good story. I would then have no right to flame the writer and say that they shouldn't write such things. Only thing is, it should be mentioned in the warnings. If I don't like it, I don't read it.

    You can make requests for stories but I can't promise to definitely write them all. I do, however, promise to consider them.

    Well, that's all I can think of for now. 


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